Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Gott - von Ferdinand von SchirachTV Movie, ARD [de]commissioning editor
    2019Je suis Karl (WT)Feature Filmcommissioning editorrbb
    2019Alle reden übers Wetter (WT)Indie Feature Filmcommissioning editor
    2019My Wonderful WandaFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2019Havarie PetiteShort Filmcommissioning editorrbb
    2018Berlin, Berlin - Der FilmFeature Filmcommissioning editorRBB
    2018Tatort - Tiere der GroßstadtTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], RBB [de]commissioning editor in chargerbb
    2017LaraFeature Filmcommissioning editorRBB Leuchtstoff
    2017Alles IsyTV Movie, ARD [de], RBB [de]commissioning editor
    2017Eine Braut kommt selten alleinTV Movie, RBB [de]commissioning editorrbb
    2017GundermannFeature Filmcommissioning editorrbb
    2017Weitermachen SanssouciFeature Filmcommissioning editorrbb
    2016Terror - Ihr UrteilTV Moviecommissioning editor
    2016Family IdiotsFeature Filmcommissioning editor
    2015The Have-NotsFeature Filmcommissioning editorrbb
    2015Lomo - The Language of Many OthersFeature Filmcommissioning editorrbb (Leuchtstoff)
    2015Self-criticism of a Bourgeois DogFeature Filmcommissioning editor
    2015ZazyFeature Filmcommissioning editor
    2014We are the TideFeature Filmcommissioning editor
    2014Tatort - Das MuliTV-Movie (Series), RBB [de]commissioning editor