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Robert Körössi
Großbeerenstraße 6410963  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 30 6953980

    About Schiwago Film GmbH [de]

    Berlin-based Schiwago Film GmbH was founded in 2000 by producers Martin Lehwald and Michal Pokorny. In 2007 Marcos Kantis joined Schiwago Film as the third producer.

    From the very beginning Schiwago Film specialized in the development and production of TV-Movies. In various constellations, over 25 TV-Movies have been produced through the company with and for other partners.

    The other main involvement focuses on cinema production. We're especially interested in supporting young directors and the constant search for interesting and ambitious stories. In cooperation with various partners in Germany and abroad, Schiwago was able to arrange financing for seemingly difficult projects.
    Over the years, long-term cooperations have been established with some of our partners and led to international coproductions.

    Through this network, six productions for the cinema and a number of shorts have been completed and some of them achieved remarkable decorations. One of the biggest hits was `Muxmäuschenstill´ (`Quiet as a Mouse´) in 2004. This movie got four awards at the Max Ophüls Film Festival and won the `Deutsche Filmpreis´ in the `editing´category.
    Schiwago Film aims to continue building upon our work in television with our own TV programm developments.

    Projects as producer

    2020Muxmäuschenstill II – Die Kreuzbergritter (WT)Feature FilmJan Henrik Stahlberg
    2020Imperium (WT)Feature FilmJan-Ole Gerster
    2019Ostfrieslandkrimis - Ostfriesengrab (WT)TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Stefan Lukacs
    2019Wann kommst du meine Wunden küssen (WT)Feature FilmHanna Doose
    2018Fluss des Lebens - Yukon. Ruf der WildnisTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Mia Spengler
    2018Manche lernen's nie (aka Homies) (WT)Feature FilmFlorian Dietrich
    2018Ostfrieslandkrimis - OstfriesensündeTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Rick Ostermann
    2018Ostfrieslandkrimis - OstfriesenblutTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Rick Ostermann
    2017Fluss des Lebens: Kwai – FamilienbandeTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Bettina Blümner
    2017Der Prag-Krimi - Der kalte TodTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Nicolai Rohde
    2017Der Prag-Krimi - Die WasserleicheTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Nicolai Rohde
    2017LaraFeature FilmJan-Ole Gerster
    2017Fluss des Lebens - Okavango. Fremder VaterTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Torsten C. Fischer
    2017Fremder FeindTV Movie, ARD [de], WDR [de]Rick Ostermann
    2016StyxFeature FilmWolfgang Fischer
    2016Fluss des Lebens - Geliebte LoireTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Franziska Meyer Price
    2016Ostfrieslandkrimis - OstfriesenkillerTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Sven Bohse
    2016Fluss des Lebens - Geboren am GangesTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Michael Karen
    2016Layla M.Feature FilmMieke de Jongco-production
    2015SolnessFeature FilmMichael Klette

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2000
    Permanent employees8
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin