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    Movies as production

    2024Out of this World (WT)Feature FilmAlbert Serra
    2024Vivaldi (WT)Feature FilmBille August
    2024Fellinger (WT)Feature FilmHermine Huntgeburth
    2024Der Frosch und das Wasser / The Frog and the Water (WT)Feature FilmThomas Stuber
    2023Transamazonia (WT)Feature FilmPia Marais
    2022From Hilde, with LoveFeature FilmAndreas Dresen
    2021A Piece of SkyFeature FilmMichael Koch [1]
    2021¿Quién mató a Narciso? / Who killed Narciso? (WT)Independent Feature FilmMarcelo Martinessi
    2021PuánFeature FilmMultiple
    2020Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. BushFeature FilmAndreas Dresen
    2019Onoda – 10 000 Nights In The Jungle
    Feature FilmArthur Hararico-production
    2019Je suis KarlFeature FilmChristian Schwochow
    2018All My Loving
    Feature FilmEdward BergerKoproduktion
    2018The Heiresses
    Feature FilmMarcelo Martinessicoproduction
    2018The MoneychangerIndependent Feature FilmFederico Veiroj
    2018In My RoomFeature FilmUlrich Köhler
    2017GundermannFeature FilmAndreas Dresen
    2017High LifeFeature FilmClaire Denis
    2017Die untergegangene FamilieFeature FilmMaria Alché
    2016MonosFeature FilmMultiple

    Company data

    Date of company foundation1997
    Immediate working areaHead office: Cologne