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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2024Vivaldi (WT)Feature Filmdirector
    2023The Count of Monte Cristo (WT)Limited series, France 2 [fr], RAI [it]director
    2022Me, You (WT)Feature Filmdirector
    2021The KissFeature Filmdirector
    2017Lykke-PerFeature Film, TV2 [dk]screenwriter
    2017Lykke-PerFeature Film, TV2 [dk]director
    201655 StepsFeature Filmdirector
    2012Nighttrain to LisbonFeature Filmdirector
    2007To Each his Own CinemaFeature Filmdirector
    2006Goodbye BafanaFeature Filmdirector
    1997Les MisérablesFeature Filmdirector
    1995Smilla's Sense of SnowFeature Filmdirector
    1993The Young Indiana Jones ChroniclesTV Series, ABC [us]director
    1992House of the SpiritsFeature Filmscreenwriter
    1992House of the SpiritsFeature Filmdirector