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DIGICOPTER«: camera-drones 10-25 kg, camera-drones 5-10 kg, camera-drones up to 5 kg, Aerial Shooting, Aircrafts (Grip), Camera Motorcycle, Special Constructions (Grip), Specialized Camera Systems
  • Camera-drones 10-25 kg
  • camera-drones 5-10 kg
  • camera-drones up to 5 kg
  • Aerial Shooting
  • Aircrafts (Grip)
  • Camera Motorcycle
  • Special Constructions (Grip)
  • Specialized Camera Systems


Martin Rinderknecht
Raiffeisenstra▀e30161  HannoverGermany
Mobile+49 178 3500301
Phone+49 511 3500401
Fax+49 511 3500404


    SPIELFILM, KINO, TV-WERBESPOT, IMAGEFILM, MUSIKVIDEO DIGICOPTER® ist der Dienstleister für aussergewöhnliche Kameraaufnahmen, ob aus der Luft oder am Boden. Martin Rinderknecht ist Pilot (mit Pilotenlizenz) mit über 15 Jahren Flugerfahrung. Nikolaj Georgiew, Johannes Heine und Holger Zechel sind erfahrende Camoperater und Kameramänner. DIGICOPTER® fliegt mit mit HD bis 8K (Panasonic GH5s, RED Helium 8K, ARRI Alexa MINI, Inspire2 mit X7 6K)


Digicopter® is a high - tech helicopter/Multikopter/camera drone for production of professional 2k,4k and 8k flight recordings and high - resolution aerial photographs. We produce filmorecordings for TV, movies, documentation and music video clips. Aerial photographs and aerial photographs from hannover/cologne/berlin/hamburg/munich. Full HD and 8k aerial photographs from Germany in rooms, halls, churches, ruins, caves and outdoors in day and in the darkness with special permits.

DIGICOPTER fly with license in Germany (all federal states), Austria, Croatia, Italy, Scandinavia.

Known for

Film projects

2024Alarm für Cobra 11 - (Folgentitel fehlt) (WT)
Drohne, DIGItools, DigiPole, FPV
TV-Movie (Series), RTL [de]Friederike HeßAction Concept GmbHDrohne, DIGItools, DigiPole, FPV
2024Bach - Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte (WT)
Drohne Merseburger Dom 8K DNG
TV Movie, ARD [de], BR [de], Degeto [de], MDR [de], ORF [at]Florian BaxmeyerEikon Media GmbH [de]Drohne Merseburger Dom 8K DNG
2024Tatort - Die kälteste Maschine (WT)
Drohne Hannover C0/C1 A2 4K/8K Gyrocopter
TV-Movie (Series), NDR [de]Viviane AndereggenWüste Medien GmbHDrohne Hannover C0/C1 A2 4K/8K Gyrocopter
2023Tatort - Siebte Etage (aka Neunte Etage) (WT)
Window Shot, City Establisher #digicopter
TV-Movie (Series), WDR [de]Hüseyin TabakBavaria Fiction GmbHWindow Shot, City Establisher #digicopter
2023Hameln - Die Rückkehr des Rattenfängers (WT)
Drohne Action, eShots Hameln i3/Heavy Lifter 6K
TV Series, ZDFneo [de]Rainer MatsutaniReal Film Berlin GmbHDrohne Action, eShots Hameln i3/Heavy Lifter 6K
2023Doktor Ballouz
Drohne, Carrig, Polecam, DIGItools 4K/8K #digicopter
TV Series, ZDF [de]Peter LadkaniX Filme Creative Pool GmbHDrohne, Carrig, Polecam, DIGItools 4K/8K #digicopter
2023Alarm für Cobra 11 - Bedingungslos (WT)
DIGItools, Drohne, DIGIbike, Cablecam 4K/6K RAW
TV-Movie (Series), RTL [de]Franco TozzaAction Concept GmbHDIGItools, Drohne, DIGIbike, Cablecam 4K/6K RAW
2023A Better Place (WT)
Drohne Heavy Lifter RED Komodo X, Inspire3 50mm 8KRAW
TV Series, ARD [de], Canal+ [fr], WDR [de]Anne Zohra BerrachedKomplizen Serien GmbHDrohne Heavy Lifter RED Komodo X, Inspire3 50mm 8KRAW
2023Die Schule der magischen Tiere 3 (WT)
Drohne Heavy Lifter, Inspire3, FPV Racedrohne RED Komodo
Feature FilmSven UnterwaldtKordes & Kordes Film GmbH [de]Drohne Heavy Lifter, Inspire3, FPV Racedrohne RED Komodo
2023Versunkene Gräber
Luftaufnahmen Polen, 8K Drohne RAW
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Josef RusnakNetwork Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbHLuftaufnahmen Polen, 8K Drohne RAW
2023Alarm für Cobra 11 - Hoffnung (WT)
Drohne, FPV Racedrohne, DIGItools, Rover Kamera 4K/6K #digicopter
TV-Movie (Series), RTL [de]Lennart RuffAction Concept GmbHDrohne, FPV Racedrohne, DIGItools, Rover Kamera 4K/6K #digicopter
2023Der Flensburg-Krimi - Wechselspiele
Luftaufnahmen Flensburg Drohne 4K #digicopter
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Anja GurresFilmpool Fiction GmbHLuftaufnahmen Flensburg Drohne 4K #digicopter
2023Ironie des Lebens / Mystery of Love (WT)
Heavy Lifter Drohne / Inspire3 6K RAW
Feature FilmMarkus GollerSunny Side Up GmbH [de]Heavy Lifter Drohne / Inspire3 6K RAW
2023In Wahrheit - Späte Sühne (WT)
Drone Saarland, Carshots, Nightshots
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Kirsten (Kiki) LaserNetwork Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbHDrone Saarland, Carshots, Nightshots
2023Real Life Guys - Do Something (WT)
Drone, DIGIPole, RED RAW
Feature FilmMaria-Anna WestholzerLieblingsfilm GmbH [de]Drone, DIGIPole, RED RAW
Droneshots Action Unit, Windrad, Polecam
TV Series, ZDF [de]Christian AlvartSyrreal Entertainment GmbHDroneshots Action Unit, Windrad, Polecam
2023Unter anderen Umständen - Dominiks Geheimnis
Drohne Flensburg, Actionshots Klippe 4K Raw
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Ziska RiemannNetwork Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbHDrohne Flensburg, Actionshots Klippe 4K Raw
2023Gier nach Gold. Ein Krimi aus Passau
Drohne, Polecam, Carshots, CarRig
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], BR [de], Degeto [de]Felix KarolusHager Moss Film GmbHDrohne, Polecam, Carshots, CarRig
2023Nord Nord Mord - Sievers und die fünf Fragezeichen
Drohne Sylt Fahraufnahmen Carshots
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Sven NagelNetwork Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbHDrohne Sylt Fahraufnahmen Carshots
2023One Trillion Dollars
Drohne Italien, 6k RAW, Plates, Water Action
Limited series, Paramount+Florian BaxmeyerW&B Television GmbHDrohne Italien, 6k RAW, Plates, Water Action


  • Martin Rinderknecht
    CEO/Octo/Gyro/Multicopter Pilot
    Department:DIGICOPTER headoffice
    Phone:+49 511 3500401
    Mobile:+49 178 3500301
  • Nikolaj Georgiew
    Camera Operator / Regie
    Department:Film, Kamera, Regie
    Phone:+49 511 2717017
  • Ben Linus Rinderknecht
    FPV Pilot, RC Race Drone Operator, robot Operator
    Department:Drone, Robot Operator
    Phone:+49 511 3500401
  • Johannes Heine
    Department:Camera Department / Camera Operator
    Phone:+49 511 3500401
  • Julius Hesse
    Gimbal Operator Drone/Digipole
    Phone:+49 511 3500401

Branch offices

Company data

Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland
North Africa: Egypt, Morocco
North America: USA
Northern Europe: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Eastern Europe: Russia
South Africa: South Africa
South America: Brazil, Chile, Venezuela
South Asia: India
Southern Europe: Italy, Portugal, Spain
Southeastern Europe: Albania, Bulgaria
West Asia: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates
Western Europe: Belgium, England, France, Ireland, Scotland
Central Africa: Central African Republic
Date of company foundation2006
Company historyIn 2006 Martin Rinderknecht developed the first rc helicopter with camera and manufactured aerial photographs of companies. The cameraman and director Nikolaj Georgiew comes to him to filming airmovies. In 2009 start the duo with TV Spielfilmen with digicopter aerial filming. More than 300 films were accompanied by digicopter. In addition to the aerial photographs DIGICOPTER special camera created the DIGITools CableCam, DIGIrover, DIGIseg and digibike for tv and cinema.
Permanent employees4
Immediate working areaHead office: Hannover
Branch offices: Hannover, other city