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Syrreal Entertainment GmbH: Production Company
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Syrreal Entertainment
Prenzlauer Allee 810405  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 30 54713210
Fax+49 30 54713214

    About Syrreal Entertainment GmbH

    Christian Alvart founded the Syrreal Entertainment GmbH in 2008. Together with his producing-partner Siegfried Kamml, who joined him in 2011, he focuses on producing cinema-films and high-class television series. In 2013 the producer Timm Oberwelland, who is situated in Los Angeles, joined the company.

    It is the company’s aim to produce extraordinary national and international Film productions with a high box office potential.

    Known for

    Movies as production

    2024Club der Dinosaurier (WT)TV Series, CBS [us], ZDF [de]Lutz Heineking, jr.
    2024Steig.Nicht.Aus! 2 (WT)Feature FilmTini Tüllmann
    2023SløbornTV Series, ZDF [de]Christian Alvart
    2022OderbruchTV Series, ARD [de], CBS [us], Degeto [de]Multiple
    2021Ze NetworkTV Series, CBS [us], RTL [de]Christian Alvart
    2021SløbornTV Series, ZDF [de]Multiple
    2019Freies Land - TrailerTrailerChristian Alvart
    2019SløbornTV Series, ZDF [de]Multiple
    2019Grossstadtgeflüster - Skalitzer StraßeMusic VideoChristian Alvart
    2018Freies LandFeature FilmChristian Alvart
    2017Dogs of BerlinTV Series, NetflixChristian Alvart
    2017Steig. Nicht. Aus!Feature FilmChristian Alvart
    2017AbgeschnittenFeature FilmChristian Alvart
    2017StiffShort FilmGabrielle Pfeiffer
    2016The Final JourneyFeature FilmNick Baker-Monteys
    2015Tschiller: Off DutyFeature FilmChristian Alvart
    2015Sum1Feature FilmChristian Pasquariello
    2015Tschiller: Off Duty - Making OfMaking Ofzuständige/r Regisseur/in
    2014Tatort - FegefeuerTV-Movie (Series), NDR [de]Christian Alvart
    2014Tatort - Der große SchmerzTV-Movie (Series), NDR [de]Christian Alvart

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2008
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin