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    About all-in-production GmbH

    The company all-in-production GmbH was founded in 2008 by creative producer Annette Reeker who has not only made quite a name for herself in the format development field (DIE DA!, SWITCH, ALLES AUSSER SEX, MANNGOLD, SONST GENRE), but also as a scout for good novels and as a talent scout.

    all-in-production covers: event TV, cinema entertainment, film adaptations of national and international bestsellers as well as award-winning entertainment formats.

    There have been numerous occasions for Annette Reeker to prove that she has the right sense for great stories, a good nose for tomorrow’s success and the ability to discover hidden talents.


    The crime novels by NELE NEUHAUS - playing in the German Taunus region – are top sellers in German book stores. Having had to start out publishing the books herself she has meanwhile become a constant in the renowned “Spiegel” magazine Top 20 charts. With 6 million copies sold in Germany the author has become a star. The rights were sold in 25 countries.

    all-in has adapted six of the Taunus based crime novels for the ZDF channel so far – with Felicitas Woll and Tim Bergmann playing the leading parts of the investigators in charge:

    SCHNEEWITTCHEN MUSS STERBEN (Snow White Must Die; 2012, directed by Manfred Stelzer), EINE UNBELIEBTE FRAU (An Unpopular Woman; 2012, directed by Thomas Roth), MORDSFREUNDE (Friends Till Death; 2013, directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller), TIEFE WUNDEN (Deep Wounds; 2013, directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller) and WER WIND SÄT (Those Who Sow the Wind; 2014, directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller). From April to June 2015 the filming of the sixth part of the series, BÖSER WOLF (Big Bad Wolf), took place. Again directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller, this part was broadcasted as a two-part movie on ZDF in January 2016. All parts of the Taunus crime series so far were a huge success and achieved average ratios up to 22 %, translating into 7.27 million viewers.

    Together with the many viewers we are looking forward to the sequel starring Felicitas Woll and Tim Bergman!

    There is indeed a South African answer to Henning Mankell. Deon Meyer’s crime novels are enjoying worldwide success. One of his investigators featured in almost all of the novels is MAT JOUBERT. He is the main character of CAPE TOWN – a miniseries which was filmed in Cape Town from March until May 2015 and directed by Peter Ladkani.


    all-in-production’s first claim for success was the adaptation of the mystery thriller VISUS by Richard Hayer (director: Tobi Baumann). After its German TV premiere on the RTL channel this great production featuring a mainly international cast was afterwards sold to 14 other countries.

    KEIN SEX IST AUCH KEINE LÖSUNG (No Sex Is No Option) is the title of a romantic comedy based on the bestseller by Mia Morgowski. In cooperation with ZDF and Studiocanal it was produced by all-in-production. The movie (director: Torsten Wacker) was released in December 2011 and the DVD is on sale now. On July 10th 2013 the film premiered on the ZDF channel.

    The comedy SCHLAFLOS IN SCHWABING (director: Christine Kabisch) starring Mariele Millowitsch in the leading role premiered on the ARD channel in September 2012.

    In July and August 2013 the filming of MEINE FRAU, IHR TRAUMMANN UND ICH (My Wife, Her Dream Man And I) took place – a “best ager” comedy directed by Walter Weber and starring Axel Milberg and Ulrike Kriener in the leading roles. The screenplay was written by Georg Weber. The film was broadcasted on December 15th 2014 on the ZDF channel.

    Projects as producer

    2019Gipfelstürmer - Das Berginternat 4. Dabei sein ist allesTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Andi Niessner
    2019Gipfelstürmer - Das Berginternat 3 - Normal ist andersTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Andi Niessner
    2018Gipfelstürmer - Das Berginternat. Flieg Liv, flieg!TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Jakob Schäuffelen
    2018Gipfelstürmer - Das Berginternat. Die NeueTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Jakob Schäuffelen
    2018Und tot bist Du! – Ein SchwarzwaldkrimiTV Movie (multi-part), ZDF [de]Marcus O. Rosenmüller
    2018Danowski - BlutapfelTV Movie, ZDF [de]Markus Imboden
    2017Im Wald. Ein TaunuskrimiTV Movie (multi-part), ZDF [de]Marcus O. Rosenmüller
    2016Die Lebenden und die Toten. Ein TaunuskrimiTV Movie (multi-part), ZDF [de]Marcus O. Rosenmüller
    2015Böser Wolf. Ein TaunuskrimiTV Movie (multi-part), ZDF [de]Marcus O. Rosenmüller
    2015Cape TownTV Series, 13th Street [de]Peter Ladkani
    2014Wer Wind sät. Ein TaunuskrimiTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Marcus O. Rosenmüller
    2013Taunuskrimi - Tiefe WundenTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Marcus O. Rosenmüller
    2013Mordsfreunde. Ein TaunuskrimiTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Marcus O. Rosenmüller
    2013Meine Frau, ihr Traummann und ichTV Movie, ZDF [de]Walter Weber
    2012Eine unbeliebte Frau. Ein TaunuskrimiTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Thomas Roth
    2012Schneewittchen muss sterbenTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Manfred Stelzer
    2010Visus - Expedition Arche NoahTV Movie, RTLTobi Baumann
    2010Kein Sex ist auch keine LösungFeature FilmTorsten Wacker
    2010Schlaflos in SchwabingTV Movie, Degeto [de]Christine Kabisch

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2008
    Permanent employees5
    Immediate working areaHead office: Munich