Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Aware - Glimpses of ConsciousnessDocumentary Feature
    2019In den UffizienDocumentary Feature
    2019UndineFeature Film
    2019Rosa's WeddingFeature FilmGermany
    2019Igor Levit - Pianist (WT)Documentary Feature
    2019The Invisible Life of Eurídice GusmãoFeature FilmVerleih Deutschland
    2018Martin EdenFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2017I Was at Home, ButFeature Film
    2017Happy as LazzaroFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2017TransitFeature FilmDeutschland
    2017Leaning Into the Wind - Andy GoldsworthyDocumentary FeatureDeutschland
    2017YuliFeature FilmTheatrical Germany
    2016Helle NächteFeature FilmDeutschland
    2016CastingFeature Film
    2016Sunset Over HollywoodDocumentary Feature, SWR [de]
    2016A Fantastic WomanFeature Film
    2016Central Airport THFDocumentary Feature
    2016NerudaFeature Film
    2015Der traumhafte WegFeature Film
    2015WesternFeature FilmDeutschland