La Chimera

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    Feature Film | 2022-2023 | Drama | France, Italy, Switzerland

    Shooting data

    Filming regionsItaly - Lazio, Italy - Tuscany

    Project data

    Film financing
    Length of movie136 min
    Distribution formatDCP
    Sound formatDolby SRD / Dolby digital (5.1, 6 channels)

    Brief synopsis

    Everyone has their own Chimera, something they try to achieve but never manage to find. For the band of tombaroli, thieves of ancient grave goods and archaeological wonders, the Chimera means redemption from work and the dream of easy wealth. For Arthur, the Chimera looks like the woman he lost, Beniamina. To find her, Arthur challenges the invisible, searches everywhere, goes inside the earth – in search of the door to the afterlife of which myths speak. In an adventurous journey between the living and the dead, between forests and cities, between celebrations and solitudes, the intertwined destinies of these characters unfold, all in search of the Chimera. (Source: Wolf Pr)


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Josh O'ConnorArthur [L]
    Isabella RosselliniFlora [L]
    Carol DuarteItalia [L]
    Alba RohrwacherFrida [L]
    Vincenzo NemolatoPirro [SR]
    Chiara PazzagliaRussia [SR]
    Yile VianelloBeniamina [SR]
    Giuliano MantovaniJerry [SR]
    Gian Piero CaprettoMario [SR]
    Melchiorre PalaMelchiorre [SR]
    Luciano Vergaron.a. [SR]
    Ramona FioriniFabriana [SR]
    Luca Gargiulon.a. [SR]
    Julia PandolfoColombina [SR]
    Lou Roy LecollinetMélodie [SR]


    1st ADNicola Scorza
    Director of photographyHélène Louvart
    Casting directorChiara Polizzi
    Casting directorFiona Weir
    Costume designerLoredana Buscemi
    DirectorAlice Rohrwacher
    Actor coachTatiana Lepore
    EditorNelly Quettier
    Makeup artistEsme Sciaroni
    ProducerCarlo Cresto-Dina
    Executive producerElli Bush
    Executive producerTom Quinn
    Executive producerMichael Weber
    Executive producerAlessio Lazzareschi
    Executive producerRich Klubeck
    Executive producerJeff Deutchman
    Associate producerValeria Jamonte
    Associate producerManuela Melissano
    Co-producerAlexandra Henochsberg
    Co-producerMichela Pini
    Co-producerOlga Lamontanara
    Co-producerGrégory Gajos
    Co-producerPierre-François Piet
    Co-producerAmel Soudani
    Production designerEmita Frigato
    Line producerGiorgio Gasparini
    Line producerRemo Pini
    Production coordinatorDorthe Wølner-Hanssen
    Set runnerManuel Wüthrich
    /Driver CH
    /Driver CH
    ScreenwriterAlice Rohrwacher
    Co-writerMarco Pettenello
    Co-writerCarmela Covino
    Production sound mixerXavier Lavorel
    Marketing, public relationsCristiana Trotta
    01 Distribution
    01 Distribution
    Marketing, public relationsJacopo Bistacchia
    Marketing, public relationsRebecca Roviglioni
    01 Distribution
    01 Distribution
    Marketing, public relationsStefania Lategana
    01 Distribution
    01 Distribution
    Marketing, public relationsAnnalisa Paolicchi
    01 Distribution
    01 Distribution

    Production companies

    Tempesta [it]
    Ad Vitam [fr]
    Amka Films Productions [ch]
    Arte France Cinéma [fr]
    RAI Cinema [it]
    in collaboration
    in collaboration

    Distribution / Sales companies

    The Match Factory GmbH [de]
    World Sales
    World Sales
    01 Distribution [it]
    Italy (theatrical)
    Italy (theatrical)
    Filmcoopi Zürich AG [ch]
    Switzerland (theatrical)
    Switzerland (theatrical)
    Ad Vitam [fr]
    France (theatrical)
    France (theatrical)
    Neon [us]
    North American rights
    North American rights


    Production ServicesÖ wie Knödel / Goldene Rose GmbH


    2023FranceFestival de Cannes
    Official Selection - Competition
    Official Selection - Competition

    Cinema releases and premieres

    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 06/12/2023
    PremiereFriday, 26/05/2023Festival de Cannes [fr]