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Brief synopsis

What is consciousness? Where does it come from? Do all living beings have it? Can everyone reach a mystical state of pure consciousness? What happens when we die? 
In times of existential crisis, science is turning to the “Big Questions”, cutting a window into a realm previously held by philosophy and religion. AWARE follows six brilliant researchers approaching consciousness, each from a radically different perspective, from within and without: through Eastern meditation, high-tech brain research, by methodically exploring inner space through psychedelic substances and by investigating the consciousness of plants. AWARE ultimately leads one on a voyage onto the ocean of consciousness, a sensual meditation; the networks of consciousness are reflected in 'grand' cinematographic imagery revealing the vast interconnectedness of Nature. It invites one to experience the awe and mystery as the researchers do and initiate one’s own oceanic journey. (http://www.umbrellafilms.org)


ColoristMatthias Behrens
Director of photographyEric Black
DirectorEric Black
DirectorFrauke Sandig
EditorFranziska von Berlepsch
EditorRune Schweitzer
Line producerBrigit Mulders
ScreenwriterFrauke Sandig
ScreenwriterEric Black
Audio describerFelix Koch
Audio description (German)
Audio description (German)
Sound re-recording mixerMartin Grube
Sound designerNiklas Kammertöns
Commissioning editorNicole Baum

Distribution / Sales companies

New Docs e.K. [de]
World Sales
World Sales
Piffl Medien GmbH [de]
Germany (theatrical)
Germany (theatrical)


Film Processing/Transferswave-line GmbH


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Frauke Sandig2021fsff - Fünf Seen Festival [de]
Best of Festivals - Publikumspreis
Best of Festivals - PublikumspreisNominated
Eric Black2021fsff - Fünf Seen Festival [de]
Best of Festivals - Publikumspreis
Best of Festivals - PublikumspreisNominated


2020GermanyInternationale Hofer Filmtage

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Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 02/09/2021