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15-year-old David lives with his family and around another hundred Jacobins in a closed community in Germany. The monotonous life of this early Christian community consists of praying, working and sleeping. David meets Michael, a boy his age. They become friends although David is strictly forbidden to have contact with people outside of the community. David is fascinated by MichaelÍs stories, and his curiosity grows about the world outside the community. Michael is equally impressed by his friend's completely different way of life. David begins to start thinking about his life as a Jacobin. The narrow system of values which had defined his life until now starts falling apart. There is a lack of understanding for his questions and doubts, and he is left on his own. Only his grandfather is at pains to help him and tries to find answers to his questions. When his grandfather dies, David runs away with MichaelÍs help. For a short time, he enjoys the other life he had dreamt about for so long. But the two boys soon realise that escaping from the Jacobins was just the beginning of problems for David ...

(Quelle: German Films)
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
David WinterDavid Hofer [HR]
Scott LarcherMichael Kramer [HR]
Katharina SchützMutter Dr. Elisabeth Kramer [NR]
Hannes ThanheiserSamuel Hofer [NR]
Stephan KorvesPaul Hofer [NR]
Sylvia MiesMaria Hofer [NR]
Michael HolzPrediger [NR]
Rebecca von MitzlaffMaike [NR]
Stefanie SchmidKatharina [NR]
Rainer ConradDorflehrer [NR]