Kinospielfilm | 2008




SeitenverhältnisCinemascope (1 : 2,39)


On a deserted crossing Tarek is waiting for the trafficker Faruk to hand him over his long lost
girlfriend. It comes to exchange blows between the two men and Faruk threatens Tarek with deadly
consequences for his boldness. There is nothing else for left for Tarek but to hide his Girlfriend in the
trunk of his car and escape the city before Faruk sets his minions on them. While Tareks’ drives the
city the off-duty Police officer Gabriel becomes aware of Tareks’ car because of his nervous driving
and starts following him. In order to outdistance Gabriel Tarek leaves his car and hides in an old
factory. But Gabriel is hard on his heels, it comes to a fight between both they got trapped in the
basement of the factory. Now they need to find a way to overcome their conflicts in order to get out
and survive.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
 Numan AcarTarik [HR]
 Alessija LauseDana Thompson [HR]
 Shaun LawtonGabriel [HR]
 Jeff BurrellPaul Greyson [NR]
 David MastersonNews Reader [NR]
Kida Khodr RamadanFaruk [NR]
 Sila SahinJasmin [NR]
DrehbuchDrehbuchautorRobert Franke
KameraKameramann/DoPChristian Müller [3]
Kamera1. Kameraassistent George SteffensFocus Puller HD
Kamera2. KameraassistentPer Jacob Blut
LichtOberbeleuchterSteffen Zeugner
MusikKomponistDaniel Werner [1]
ProducerProduzentChristian Müller [3]
ProducerProduzentRobert Franke
ProducerProduzentNicholas Gräbert
ProducerKoproduzentinNina Hüskes

Vertriebs- / Verleihfirmen

Diva AG
Festival Darlings