Tower Of The Firstborn

  • Il Cielo sotto il Deserto (Arbeitstitel)
TV-Mehrteiler | 1998 | RAI [it], TF1 [fr] | Abenteuer | Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, USA


DrehorteTunisien, Italien, London


Budget27 M. (US $)
SeitenverhältnisCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
TonformatDolby SR (4 Kanäle)


Diane, a young and attractive archaeologist, gets to know Dr. Neal Hogan in the secret archives at the Vatican. Both are interested in the great mystery that Diane's father, must have uncovered in Africa -- because since that time her father has disappeared.
Diane is absolutely convinced that her father is still alive: he was looking for the "Tower of the First Born", which according to ancient records is supposed to lead to "great wisdom". Ignoring her friends' warnings, she decides to travel off in search of her father and find the legendary tower.
Also in search of the monument -- which contains secret knowledge about space and time for millennia -- are a Sheik's horde of wild desert riders, as well as a heavily-armed group of soldiers under the command of the brave French legionnaire Léon.
Together with her protector Rashid, an mysterious prince of the desert and old friend of her father's, Diane withstands great dangers, and finally finds her father and - the legendary Tower...
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Ben CrossMichael / Zadik [HR]
Guy LankesterHogan [HR]
Ione SkyeDiane [HR]
Peter WellerJohn [HR]
Bernard-Pierre DonnadieuAbdurasam [NR]
 Heino FerchLéon [NR]
Ralph HerforthHamsat [NR]
Romina MondelloAdriel [NR]
 Martin SemmelroggeGéroq [NR]
BesetzungCasting DirectorLouis Di Giaimo
BesetzungCasting Director Cornelia von BraunGerman Cast
MusikKomponistEnnio Morricone
ProducerKoproduzentMario Gallo
ProducerProducerSteven North
ProducerProducerBrendan Fitzgerald
ProducerAssistant-, Junior-ProducerJonas Bauer
RegieRegisseurAlberto Negrin
Regie2nd Unit RegisseurDirk van den BergAction Unit / Flying Sequences
Regie1. RegieassistentDirk van den Berg