The Redhead | © Natalie MacMahon
Kurzspielfilm | 2017 | Mystery, Thriller | Deutschland


Lauflänge9 Min.


Aven likes to get things off his mind by spending his free time in a virtual reality game, which is set in a mysterious, seductive and ambiguous world. This fantasy world is the perfect contrast to his rather boring every-day life, which is determined by a mono­tonous call center job. Soon, however, this game threatens to take over his life and Aven becomes obsessed with a mysterious red-haired woman. What started as a game eventually becomes bitter reality, where boundaries are non-existent. Has this game become reality or is reality nothing more than a game?

(Quelle: German Films Quarterly)
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Joey JordanAven [HR]
 Nicole A. ZalewskaGarnet [HR]
 Anna-Maria HadornMermaid [NR]
 Recardo KoppeRecardo [NR]
DrehbuchDrehbuchautorinNatalie MacMahon
KameraKamerafrau/DoPAmber Palmer
MusikKomponistJacopo Vannini
RegieRegisseurinNatalie MacMahon


Natalie MacMahon Produktion [de]