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Touch Me Not (2015-2017)

Fremdsprachiger TitelNu mă atinge-măon
Sparte Kinospielfilm
Regie Adina Pintilie
DrehbuchAdina Pintilie
Ausführende Produktion Manekino Film [ro]
VerleihNour Films [fr]
ProduktionslandDeutschland, Bulgarien, Frankreich, Rumänien

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 Schauspieler/in Rollename
  Laura Benson  Laura  [HR]  
  Tómas Lemarquis  Tudor  [HR]  
  Hermann Mueller  Paul  [HR]  
  Georgi Naldzhiev  Male Escort  [NR]  
  Annett Sawallisch  Nurse  [NR]  
  Rainer Steffen  Stefan  [NR]  

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 Abteilung Tätigkeit Name Anmerkung
  Ausstattung Szenenbildner  Adrian Cristea
  Location Scout  Hermann Lämmel Motivsuche Halle/Saale
  Besetzung Casting Director  Tanja Schuh
  Drehbuch Drehbuchautorin  Adina Pintilie
  Kamera Kameramann/DoP  George Chiper
  1. Kameraassistentin  Annegret Sachse / 8DT Deutschland / A Cam / Amira
  1. Kameraassistent  Boroka Biro
  Kostüm Kostümbildnerin  Maria Pitea
  Costume Supervisor  Florina Isai Germany part
  Licht Oberbeleuchter  Benjamin Hirlinger German Part
  Beleuchter  Thomas Duttke Germany
  Producer Produzentin  Monica Lazurean-Gorgan
  Produktion Produktionsleiterin  Nicole Zscherny
  Setaufnahmeleiter  Stephan Busch Halle/S., Leipzig
  Produktionsfahrer  Willy Necke
  Regie Regisseurin  Adina Pintilie
  2nd Assistant Director  Jette Blümler inkl. Casting documentary cast

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  4 proof film [ro]
  Manekino Film [ro]
  Agitprop Ltd. [bg] Koproduzent
  Les Films de l'Étranger [fr] Koproduzent
  Rohfilm Productions GmbH Koproduzent

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Nour Films [fr] Distribution France

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 Geschäftsbereich Firma
  Kamera Kameras und Zubehör   Ludwig Kameraverleih GmbH  Amira / Zeiss UP`s
  Produktion Finanzen, Recht und Versicherung   adag Payroll Services GmbH  Komparsenabrechnung
  Produktionsservices   MaGaMo GmbH  Set-Equipment / Set-...
  Vor der Kamera Komparsen/Kleindarsteller   Agentur Halleipzig-Komparsen  Vermittlung Komparse...

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Preisträger Jahr Preis Kategorie    
Adina Pintilie2018Int. Filmfestspiele BerlinGoldener Bärgewonnen
Adina Pintilie2018Int. Filmfestspiele Berlin [de]GWFF - Bester Erstlingsfilmgewonnen
Adina Pintilie2018Int. Filmfestspiele Berlin [de]Teddy Awardnominiert
Adina Pintilie2018Jerusalem Film Festival [il]Int. Competitionnominiert
Adina Pintilie2018European Film Awards [eu]nominiert
Adina Pintilie2018Sarajevo Film Festival [ba]Reihe Focusnominiert
Adina Pintilie2018Tiff Toronto Int. Film Festival [ca]Discoverynominiert

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Laura works for years in the same mannequin factory. She peeps at other people’s intimate life, while hers doesn’t seem to function. She pays to be touched, hiring young boys to create an illusion of intimacy. Tudor is an actor who earns his living as a masseur. He wants a woman who rejects his attempts at making contact. He stalks her, finding a compensatory way to touch her through objects, places she’s touched. Paul is an actor too, caught in a dysfunctional relationship.
In the background, a “miracle” story develops, first as a TV news piece, that gradually enters the characters’ lives: in the outskirts, a simple uneducated man discovers he has a “gift”- when he touches people, he cures them, removing any illness. The Suburban Saint phenomenon grows, between irony and worship. As when he touches he gives a lot, the Saint starts losing more and more weight, until he falls ill. Street fights begin in the long lines of people waiting to be cured in front of his building, all desperate to get to him before he dies.
Laura witnesses an interactive show performed by Paul and Tudor. Fascinated by them, she keeps coming back at the performance. She gradually becomes a silent witness of their lives, their solitary longing deeply resonating with her own. In this mirroring process, the walls Laura so skilfully built around her slowly collapse under the flow of her repressed feelings.
Finally, Laura finds herself in the long line of people in front of the Suburban Saint’s flat. When she finally enters, she finds an exhausted and sick man. As he is about to touch her, blood pours from his nose and he collapses. Laura helps him up, cleans his face. Unable to move or speak, he surrenders to her caring hands. In the end he falls asleep. Laura stays there watching over him. (

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 Produktionsinformationen   Anzahl der Drehtage k.A.
  Drehzeit 03.08.2015 bis 13.11.2015
  Drehort/e Deutschland, Rumänien
  Förderungen Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung: 155.000 € (Nachwuchs)
Eurimages (Europa): 160.000,- €
  Gesamtbudget ca. 1 Mio €
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  Farbe/SW Farbe