Steffen Irlinger, music supervisor, Cologne
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Mobile+49 172 2824428
Phone+49 221 22202304
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    About Steffen Irlinger

    Steffen Irlinger is a German DJ, Composer and Author/Director for Radio Drama. In Film he works mainly as Music Supervisor, Music Consultant and Composer. He specialises in projects where music plays an above average role for the film and covers a wide range of musical fields..

    Film projects in other capacities

    2015Cahier AfricainDocumentary FeatureHeidi SpecognaPS Film GmbH, Peter Spoerri [ch]music consultant
    2014Alaaf YouDocumentary FeatureBaris AladagDM Democracy Media GmbH [de]music consultant
    2013Only Lovers Left AliveFeature FilmJim JarmuschPandora Film Produktion GmbHmusic consultant
    2005WutTV Movie, WDR [de]Züli AladagColonia Media Filmproduktion GmbH [de]music consultant
    2000The White SoundFeature FilmHans WeingartnerCameo Filmmusic consultant

    Other projects

    YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
    2019music productionGarzweiler 740KomponistWDR
    2016music productionDoeltroitKomponistWDR 3
    2013audio dramaWem gehört das SpielAutorWDR
    2012audio dramaFussball 3.0Autor/RegisseurWDR
    2010audio dramaMoondog RisingAutor/RegisseurWDR
    2009audio dramaRetrotopiaAutor/RegisseurWDR
    2008audio dramaCopy/RightAutorWDR
    2007 - 2008audio dramaMingering MikeAutorWDR
    2006audio dramaParadise GarageAutor/RegisseurWDR
    2005audio dramaSupsasistaz ReduxAutor/RegisseurWDR
    2001audio dramaKick ItAutorWDR

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish (Fluent), German (Native speaker)
    Immediate working areaCologne
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia