Brief synopsis

    Memory Games follows memory-athletes from Germany, Sweden and the United States on their way to a world-championship. Through the use of animation, we experience how the geniuses use unique visualisation techniques to memorise incredible volumes of data. Making the impossible real before our very own eyes, Memory Games tells a passionate story why memory makes us human. (


    Assistant production accountantSabine Kaps
    2nd unit dopUlf WogensteinCP2 Primes
    DirectorJanet Tobias
    DirectorClaus Wehlisch
    EditorClaus Wehlisch
    Additional editorSimon Dopslaf2017-2018
    ProducerHeino Deckert
    Delegate producerSierra Tango
    Postproduction producerTorsten GiewatInhouse Producer ARRI Media
    Line producerTina BörnerGermany
    Unit production managerPrisca BeyerGermany 2018
    Unit production managerNatalie PrinzDreh Mongolei und Hong Komg
    ScreenwriterClaus Wehlisch
    ScreenwriterJanet Tobias
    Production sound mixerJacob Ilgner2 DT Deutschland
    Production sound mixerMarkus Krohn
    Sound re-recording mixerMarkus Krohn
    Audio description mixerSascha Fernsel
    Sound designerMarkus Krohn
    ColoristJeffrey YaworskiColorist

    Production companies

    CompanyComment Filmproduktions GmbH [de]Koproduzent
    Momento Film [se]Koproduzent
    Sierra/Tango Productions [us]Koproduzent
    Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH [de]Koproduktion
    MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk [de]Senderbeteiligung
    Arte [de/fr]Senderbeteiligung

    Distributing companies

    Neue Visionen Filmverleih GmbH [de]


    Film Processing/TransfersMMZ Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle (Saale) GmbH
    Sound (Postproduction)MMZ Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle (Saale) GmbHATMOS Mischstudio


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 03/10/2019
    PremiereSunday, 11/11/2018Doc NYC