Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Rockin’ Olaf (WT)Feature Film, ZDF [de]
    2021Die Letzten ihrer Art (WT)Documentary Feature
    2021Rastlos (WT)Feature FilmDeutschland
    2020Ahead of Me the SouthDocumentary FeatureGermany 2021 (theatrical)
    2020CopilotFeature Film
    2020Mama WeedFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2020Bad Luck Banging or Loony PornFeature FilmGermany (theatrical 2021)
    2019Hello My Friend (WT)Feature FilmDeutschland
    2019Partynation (WT)Feature Film
    2019Heavens AboveIndie Feature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2019Alles ist eins, außer der 0Documentary FeatureGermany
    2019The Perfect CandidateFeature FilmGermany
    2019It Must Be HeavenFeature FilmGermany
    2019About EndlessnessFeature FilmTheatrical Germany
    2019ForwardDocumentary FeatureGermany (theatrical)
    2019Frau SternFeature Film
    2018Le Mystère Henri PickFeature FilmGermany
    2018Sealed LipsFeature Film
    2018Serial (Bad) Weddings 2Feature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2018VisionFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)