Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Anna & Jason (aka Welcome to Germany) (WT)Feature Film
    2021Generation K (Crossover-Webserie) (WT)Documentary SeriesCo-production
    2021Schock (WT)Feature Filmcollaboration
    2021Closer (WT)Documentary Feature
    2021Solidarity (WT)Documentary FeaturePartner
    2021Traumhäuser (WT)Documentary Featureparticipation
    2021Jenseits der blauen Grenze (WT)Indie Feature FilmCo-Production
    2021Der Fuchs (WT)Feature Film
    2021Schweigend steht der Wald (WT)Feature FilmPartner
    2021Mehr denn je / Plus que jamais / More Than Ever (aka Mister) (WT)Feature FilmArte Germany, co-production
    2021Marmara (WT)Indie Feature Filmco-production
    2021Behind the Haystacks (WT)Indie Feature Filmin collaboration
    2021Alice Schwarzer (WT)Documentaryin cooperation
    2021Europas tödlichste Grenze (WT)Documentarycoproduction
    2021Bruno Ganz - Der sehnsüchtige RevolutionärDocumentary, arte
    2021TwistTV Magazine, arte
    2021TracksTV Magazine, arte
    2021Das Riesending - 20.000 Meter unter der ErdeDocumentary Feature
    2021Ahed's KneeFeature FilmZDF / Arte Germany
    2021Defending Ongwen (WT)Documentary, arte, ZDF [de]in cooperation