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  • Tripods and Heads
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  • Video Cameras
  • Video Playback (on set)
  • Wind and Fog Machines


Julia Ludwig
Lehrer-Götz-Weg 1781825  MünchenGermany
Phone+49 341 33756027
Phone 2+49 89 6895920
Fax+49 89 68959211


  • New stage opened in Berlin: "Ludwig Studio Berlin"
    The "Ludwig Studio Berlin" offers with almost 1000 qm the ideal space for your project. It has 11 meters of room height, a large covered vestibule and a truss system with pre-installed green screen (or optional black molton).

    The "Ludwig Studio Berlin" is located between our rental for light and grip as well as the camera rental. So lighting, stage and camera equipment are only one door away. No more waiting for the one accessory that spontaneously became necessary.
    Our know-how and equipment are always next door. All the technology is assembled, tested and deployed in-house. We would be happy to make you an individual offer, whether for your commercials, video clips, TV multiples or film projects of any kind.

    Maximum scope with perfect infrastructure for your visions.
  • Film Forest: Planting trees for a green production
    Partnering with PLANT-MY-TREE ®, the first 50 trees were planted for the new and unique film forest of Ludwig Kameraverleih and MBF Filmtechnik. Together we promote "green filming" with many more projects. Our environmental manager Danny Boehlendorff advises producers in detail before shooting begins on how to emit as little toxic Co2 as possible, e.g. by using LED lighting. 1200 trees are needed for "climate neutrality" just because of the lighting. For producers and production managers, free participation in the "Filmwald" project offers a number of advantages. The only requirement is to book film equipment from Ludwig Kameraverleih or MBF Filmtechnik with alternative "green" lighting lists.
    The planted areas can be visited, they are regional and traceable.

About Ludwig Kameraverleih GmbH

Ludwig Kameraverleih is twenty years of rental experience, personalized service, great quality and prices. We keep our rental services on the leading edge of trends, techniques, and technology. Supplying a wide range of lenses and accessories for digital cinema camera systems, lighting and grip.
Our team has in-depth background knowledge of the German film and TV industry and to support national as well as international projects with the widest and best range of equipment available.
Among a considerable number of commercials and award winning feature films we also provide service for multi-camera productions and high-end series productions.
Beeing the exclusive distributor for Panavision in Germany we also expand our portfolio with these high quality lenses.

Our rental encompasses facilities in Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig, Erfurt, Aalen and Warsaw (PL).

Known for

Film projects

2022Berlin Nobody (WT)Feature FilmJordan ScottScott Free Productions [us/uk]
2022Berlin Nobody (WT)Feature FilmJordan ScottScott Free Productions [us/uk]
2022Berlin Nobody (WT)
Arri Alexa Mini
Feature FilmJordan ScottScott Free Productions [us/uk]Arri Alexa Mini
2022Kennt ihr euch? (WT)Short FilmAnika MätzkeTradewind Pictures
2022Wolfsland - Tote schlafen schlecht (WT)TV-Movie (Series), Degeto [de], MDR [de]Ole ZapatkaMolina Film
2022Wolfsland - Das schwarze Herz (WT)TV-Movie (Series), Degeto [de], MDR [de]Ole ZapatkaMolina Film
2022Helgoland 513 (WT)
Sony Venice MK2
TV Series, Sky [de]Robert SchwentkeUFA FictionSony Venice MK2
2022Helgoland 513 (WT)TV Series, Sky [de]Robert SchwentkeUFA Fiction
2022Helgoland 513 (WT)TV Series, Sky [de]Robert SchwentkeUFA Fiction
2022Erzgebirgskrimi - Schneekind (WT)TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Thorsten M. SchmidtNFP
2022Kalt (WT)Short FilmJohannes ProndzinskyThe Grandmaster Productions [de]
2022Der Scheich (WT)
Alexa Mini LF, ARRI Signature Primes
TV Series, Paramount+MultipleX Filme Creative Pool GmbHAlexa Mini LF, ARRI Signature Primes
2022Der Scheich (WT)TV Series, Paramount+MultipleX Filme Creative Pool GmbH
2022Der Scheich (WT)TV Series, Paramount+MultipleX Filme Creative Pool GmbH
2022Die Einzelkämpferin (aka Dresden Short Cuts) (WT)Feature FilmMichael KlierMichael Klier Film [de]
2022Die Einzelkämpferin (aka Dresden Short Cuts) (WT)Feature FilmMichael KlierMichael Klier Film [de]
2022Zeit zu beten. Ein Krimi aus Passau (aka Lebenszeichen) (WT)TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], BR [de], Degeto [de]Johanna ModerHager Moss Film GmbH
2022Vätertage (WT)TV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Tomy WigandProducers at Work GmbH
2022Vätertage (WT)TV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Tomy WigandProducers at Work GmbH
2022Vätertage (WT)TV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Tomy WigandProducers at Work GmbH


Branch offices

  • Berlin
    Bergholzstr. 1, 2 & 4 / Einfahrt Tor 3/ Halle B612099  BerlinGermany
    Phone:+49 30 81450230
    Fax:+49 30 814502349
  • Cologne
    Stolberger Str. 366, Haus C50933  KölnGermany
    Phone:+49 221 669979-0
    Fax:+49 221 66997949
  • Munich
    Lehrer-Götz-Weg 1781825  MünchenGermany
    Phone:+49 89 6895920
    Fax:+49 89 68959211
  • Hamburg
    Winsbergring 3422525  HamburgGermany
    Phone:+49 40 59354660
    Fax:+49 40 59354669
  • Leipzig
    Gerhard-Ellrodt-Str. 5004249  LeipzigGermany
    Phone:+49 341 3375600
    Fax:+49 341 33756024
  • Erfurt
    Erich Kästner Str. 199094  ErfurtGermany
    Phone:+49 361 51143726
  • Stuttgart
    Streichhoffeld 373457  Essingen/AalenGermany
    Phone:+49 89 6895920

Company data

Ludwig Kameraverleih GmbHAs a leading rental specialist, Ludwig Kameraverleih GmbH is the perfect
partner for your next film production. Whether it’s cameras or lenses,
tripods or monitors, sound or video equipment, lighting facilities or stage
equipment, data management or mobile production: a team of more than
40 specialists in seven different locations support a wide range of customers
from the worlds of cinema, TV and advertising film production. Both
in Germany with locations in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Erfurt and Aalen, Ludwig Kameraverleih offers a comprehensive spectrum of equipment and services for almost any kind of production.
Since 2019 Ludwig Kameraverleih GmbH has a new partnership with MBF Filmtechnik GmbH.

Ludwig Kameraverleih GmbH is exclusive distributor of Panavision in Germany.

Be part of our new rental-family and make a visit at or
Date of company foundation1995
Permanent employees75
Immediate working areaHead office: Munich
Branch offices: Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig, Erfurt, Stuttgart