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    Movies as distributor

    2024Grand Tour (WT)Feature FilmMiguel Gomes
    2023Perfect DaysFeature FilmWim Wenders
    2023Fallen Leaves
    World Sales
    Feature FilmAki KaurismäkiWorld Sales
    World Sales
    Feature FilmMarco BellocchioWorld Sales
    2023La Chimera
    World Sales
    Feature FilmAlice RohrwacherWorld Sales
    World distribution
    Feature FilmChristian PetzoldWorld distribution
    2022Ingeborg Bachmann – Journey into the Desert
    World Sales
    Feature FilmMargarethe von TrottaWorld Sales
    2022The March on Rome
    International Sales
    Documentary FeatureMark CousinsInternational Sales
    world sales
    Feature FilmMichel Francoworld sales
    International Sales
    Feature FilmSofia CoppolaInternational Sales
    2022Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything
    World Sales
    Feature FilmEmily AtefWorld Sales
    2022A E I O U - A Quick Alphabet of Love
    international sales
    Feature FilmNicolette Krebitzinternational sales
    2022More Than Ever
    International Sales
    Feature FilmEmily AtefInternational Sales
    2022The Ordinaries
    international sales
    Feature FilmSophie Linnenbauminternational sales
    2022Lord of the Ants
    International Sales
    Feature FilmGianni AmelioInternational Sales
    2022Mariupolis 2Documentary FeatureMantas Kvedaravičius
    2022Burning Days
    International Sales
    Feature FilmEmin AlperInternational Sales
    2021Sisi & Ich
    World Sales
    Feature FilmFrauke FinsterwalderWorld Sales
    2021Wir sind dann wohl die Angehörigen
    World Sales
    Feature FilmHans-Christian SchmidWorld Sales
    2021Great Freedom
    International Sales
    Feature FilmSebastian MeiseInternational Sales

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2006
    Permanent employees15
    Immediate working areaHead office: Cologne