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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2018Spider in the WebFeature Filmdirector
    2016ShelterFeature Filmproducer
    2016ShelterFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2016ShelterFeature Filmdirector
    2013Dancing ArabsIndependent Feature Filmdirector
    2010PlayoffFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2010PlayoffFeature Filmdirector
    2009The Mission of the Human Resource ManagerFeature Filmdirector
    2007Lemon TreeFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2007Lemon TreeFeature Filmproducer
    2007Lemon TreeFeature Filmdirector
    2003The Syrian BrideFeature Filmproducer
    2003The Syrian BrideFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2003The Syrian BrideFeature Filmdirector