Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2019Wasp NetworkFeature FilmRene Gonzalez [L]
    2019355 (WT)Feature FilmN.N. [L]
    2018ResistanceFeature FilmSigmund [L]
    2016GoldFeature FilmMichael Acosta [L]Nicola Devico Mamone
    2014Point BreakFeature FilmBohdi [L]
    2013Deliver Us from EvilFeature FilmMendoza [L]
    2013Hands of StoneFeature FilmRoberto Duran [SR]
    2012A Monkey on My ShoulderFeature FilmJavier [L]
    2009CarlosFeature Film, Canal+ [fr]Carlos [L]
    2007Che, The ArgentineFeature FilmCiro Redondo [SR]
    2006The Bourne UltimatumFeature FilmPaz [SR]