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  • Criminel (Working title)
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TV Series | Episodes 1-8 | 2022-2023 | Netflix | Action, Drama | Germany

Main data

DirectorCüneyt Kaya, Marvin Kren
Written byMarvin Kren (creator), Benjamin Hessler (creator), Georg Lippert (creator)
ProductionW&B Television GmbH, 357 Films [fr]

Shooting data

LocationsBerlin, Marseille (7 days)
Filming regionsFrance - Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Germany - Berlin



Brief synopsis

Charly lives a peaceful life with his family in Berlin, until his dark past catches up with him. Old "acquaintances" threaten his family's life and force him to work a heist of a valuable coin. Joseph, a clan driver from Vienna, is supposed to take the loot to Austria. But the well-thought-out plan fails, a shoot-out ensues and someone dies. Inevitably, the fates of Charly and Joseph collide. They must flee and get Charly's family out of danger. During the attempt to save what is important to them, the two crooks must assert themselves against the clans from Berlin, Vienna and Marseille. Both can only succeed if they rely on their friendship. An adventurous and action-packed road trip across three national borders begins.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Frederick LauCharly [SS]
Christoph KrutzlerJoseph [SS]
Kida Khodr RamadanRami [SS]
Svenja JungSamira [SSR]
Jonathan TittelJonas [SSR]
Erdal YildizHassan [SSR]
Gisela AderholdDoctor [SRE]
Rosina KaleabMuseummita [BP]


Production accountantHendrik Niklas
ab 03/23 Fibu&Lohn
ab 03/23 Fibu&Lohn
Production accountantAbdel Ben Tej
Assistant production accountantMelissa Doro
Assistant production accountantSusen Jarmuske
1st ADClaudia De Falco
1st ADChristian Hoyer
1st ADGuilhem Malgoire
Marseille (7 days)
Marseille (7 days)
Key 2nd ADIsabell Brandenburg
Director Marvin Kren + Cüneyt Kaya, Berlin, Vienna, Italy (various), Marseille
Director Marvin Kren + Cüneyt Kaya, Berlin, Vienna, Italy (various), Marseille
Key 2nd ADLeonie Schwaier
Replacement for 1 month
Replacement for 1 month
2nd ADAntonio Corsini
2nd ADLily Evers
Crowd 2nd ADJulia Schmachtel
Austria preparation
Austria preparation
3rd ADAndrea Nasso
3rd ADLisa Dirk
3rd ADAaron Winkler
3rd ADArnaud Delmarle
Base 3rd ADAnna Kaiser [1]
Base 3rd ADAnna Straubinger
5 SD illness cover + 1 SD add. 3rd Floor
5 SD illness cover + 1 SD add. 3rd Floor
Floor 3rd ADLuigi Vacchelli
Crowd marshallJacques Kounta
Postproduction producerBoris Mang
Postproduction producerJohannes Weihs
Postproduction producerMarie-Luise Meye
Postproduction producerHannah Leuze
Vfx producerChristopher Lenke
Vfx producerTobias Müller [2]
Post production supervisorLukas Lerch
Post production supervisorSven Nuri
Vfx supervisorDavid Laubsch
Vfx supervisorMichael Koch [3]
Vfx supervisorFrank Kaminski
Vfx supervisorKai Siggelkow
on Set supervisor / Nachdreh
on Set supervisor / Nachdreh
Dailies operatorDennis Helm
Dailies operatorDaniel Mock
VFX production coordinatorPatrick Thülig
3d artistPhilip Schlagenhauff
3d artistMartin Kenzel
3d artistFelix Hörlein
Digital compositor / compositing artistTine Boy
Digital compositor / compositing artistAndreas Steinlein
Digital compositor / compositing artistFelix Laser
Digital compositor / compositing artistBernhard Hochenauer
Digital compositor / compositing artistJan Glöckner
Digital compositor / compositing artistFelix Batzer
Digital compositor / compositing artistDaniel Rose
Digital compositor / compositing artistGuido Kirsch
Digital compositor / compositing artistAria Heidari
Digital compositor / compositing artistAndreas Gebauer
Digital compositor / compositing artistPaul Poetsch
Digital compositor / compositing artistPeter Hofmeister
Digital compositor / compositing artistThomas Hansen
Title designerLutz Lemke
ColoristSebastian Göhs
DI digital intermediate supervisorSebastian Hermann
Digital intermediate engineerRoya Nassary
Digital intermediate engineerMax Göbel
Digital intermediate engineerAlexander du Prel
Director of photographyAndreas Thalhammer
Director of photographyXiaosu Han
2nd unit dopChristoph Greiner
Camera operatorPablo Gotzes
Camera operatorLuca Massa
Camera operatorIsabelle Arnold
Camera operatorAlex Püringer
Camera operatorChristoph Greiner
B Camera
B Camera
Camera operatorNorwin Hatschbach
Additional photographyJan Barszczewski
B-Roll, 2 SD
B-Roll, 2 SD
1st assistant cameraGrégory Gagero
1st assistant cameraBoris Steiner
B-Kamera (Wien Block)
B-Kamera (Wien Block)
1st assistant cameraStefan Maitz
1st assistant cameraMax Egner
1st assistant cameraLars Richter
1st assistant cameraDiego C. Sapienza
C Cam - 2 DT
C Cam - 2 DT
1st assistant cameraGargam Carole
1st assistant cameraFilippo Torello Rovereto
1st assistant cameraFacundo Altube
1st assistant cameraPhilipp Hoch
1st assistant cameraFrederik Tegethoff
B Cam
B Cam
1st assistant cameraDominik Mayer
A-Cam / 3 SD / Additional Photography
A-Cam / 3 SD / Additional Photography
1st assistant cameraMareike Böttcher Renner
Addition 4 shooting days C Camera
Addition 4 shooting days C Camera
2nd assistant cameraYounes Labdi
2nd assistant cameraJustine Passemard
2nd assistant cameraNicolò Mario Sgorbini
2nd assistant cameraNino Defontaine
2nd assistant cameraSandra Laber
2nd assistant cameraClara Leboucher
2nd assistant cameraFlorian Hornung
2nd assistant cameraDominik Mayer
8 SD / Austria
8 SD / Austria
2nd assistant cameraSarah May Handler
2nd assistant cameraAndreas Reischütz
B Cam - 1 DT Nachdreh
B Cam - 1 DT Nachdreh
2nd assistant cameraNicolas Unger
C-Cam 4SD
C-Cam 4SD
DIT digital imaging technicianJonas Le-Späinghaus
Data wrangler / digital loaderFabian Jung
Rear projection plates operatorChristian Klimke
Assistant to video playback operatorAlexander Krivets
Assistant to video playback operatorCharlotte Söllner
Italy, France
Italy, France
Video assist/playback operatorTobias Beidermühle
Prep + 3 days, PSU4, 2x ALEXA Mini LF
Prep + 3 days, PSU4, 2x ALEXA Mini LF
Video assist/playback operatorFynn Stoldt
Video assist/playback operatorAlexander Stute
Video assist/playback operatorJulia Rahde
day player
day player
Still photographerHans Starck [1]
Camera traineeFenja Jahn
2nd AC for C Cam Days
2nd AC for C Cam Days
Camera traineePaolo Orlando
Casting directorPatrick Dreikauss
für Kinder -und Jugendliche
für Kinder -und Jugendliche
Casting directorBetül Uyar
Casting directorPeggy Quetglas
Casting directorFlorian Delhormeau
Casting directorBenjamin Roth
Casting directorNathalie Chéron
Casting directorEva Roth
Casting director (children)Elisabetta Ferrando
Casting director (children)Simona Oliveri
Casting assistantQuentin Le Carrour
Casting assistantFloriane Galy
Casting assistantHélène Mohrbutter
Costume designerSilke Faber
Costume designerAnna Ostby
Costume supervisorAlexandra Wasserthal-Zuccari
Assistant costume designerJürgen Oeltjenbruns
Assistant costume designerEsther Helin Bienroth
Assistant costume designerLaura Unger
All Episodes Germany Austria Italy France
All Episodes Germany Austria Italy France
Assistant costume designerSebastian Schade [1]
Assistant costume designerAndrea Baran
Assistant costume designerMaria Müller-Donges
1st Assistant Costume Designer Germany
1st Assistant Costume Designer Germany
Key costumerSiba Fallahi
Cast Berlin, Wien, Genua und Marseille
Cast Berlin, Wien, Genua und Marseille
Costumer / wardrobeMarta Balduinotti
Costumer / wardrobeLaura Lang
Nachdreh Öst
Nachdreh Öst
Costumer / wardrobeLea Sommer
All Episodes - Germany - Austria - Italy - France
All Episodes - Germany - Austria - Italy - France
Costumer / wardrobeViviana Bartolini
Costumer / wardrobeEveline Leichtfried
Costumer / wardrobeLaura Degli Innocenti
Costumer / wardrobeSvea Poestges
Cast / KB Silke Faber
Cast / KB Silke Faber
Additional costumersSandra Dorer
Additional costumersManon Boyer Mazal
Costume driverRoman Frisch
DirectorCüneyt Kaya
DirectorMarvin Kren
Crowd 2nd AD (local system)Helena Velaj
Crowd 2nd AD (local system)Valerie Adamer
Crowd 2nd AD (local system)Julia Schmachtel
Crowd 2nd AD (local system)Hanna Hein
Set-PAAnna Ruzowitzky
Set-PAMarija Galir
Set-PADavid Matauschek
Set-PALorenzo Caramello
Set-PAKevin Kreuzbichler
Set-PANorbert Galgoczi
Set-PAMarc Rommel
Script supervisorLucia Mostowicz
Script continuityAlicia Zeller
Script continuityElsa Hoffmann
Vertretung / Zusatz 8DT
Vertretung / Zusatz 8DT
EditorJan Hille
EditorChristoph Brunner
EditorChristoph Loidl
Ep 3, Ep 6 und Ep 7 co-schnitt
Ep 3, Ep 6 und Ep 7 co-schnitt
Additional editorMarkus Hautz
Episode 7&8
Episode 7&8
Assistant editorAndrea Unterweger
Assistant editorEva Rammesmayer
Assistant editorMarkus Hautz
Assistant editorSabrina Joksimovic
Key gripCamilo Sottolichio
Key gripChicco Frulio
Key gripStéphane Ging
Key gripKlaus Witt
Key gripStefan Dielacher
Best boy gripChristopher Huck
Dolly gripDaniele Boselli
Dolly gripSergej Gorn
Dolly gripChristopher Huck
GripMaxime Vassard
GripFilippo Negrello
GripStefan Berger
GripBenjamin Miranda
GripDamien Le Coq
GripGael Giraud
GripFulvio Trevisan
GripJürgen Emhofer
GafferTilman Hautsch
GafferPatrick Allard
GafferMatteo Attolini
Best boy electricMartin Jahnke
Best boy electricMarkus Harthum
Best boy electricFelix Plüddemann
Best boy electricThorge Horstmann
Best boy electricMathieu Mahlke
Best boy electricOliver Schorch
Rigging gafferBenjamin Erdenberger
Lighting technician / electricianJohannes Gill
Lighting technician / electricianValentin Béné
Lighting technician / electricianDavid Roschke
Lighting technician / electricianMarc Hofmann [1]
Lighting technician / electricianDarius Tschorn
Lighting technician / electricianTom Sperling
Lighting technician / electricianFalk Buchröder
Lighting technician / electricianLuca Giusquiami
Lighting technician / electricianArthur Höfinger
Lighting technician / electricianAnais Durand
Lighting technician / electricianHannes Adam
Lighting technician / electricianDavid Sternad
Lighting technician / electricianToni Schulz
Lighting technician / electricianChristian Müller
Lighting technician / electricianFlorian Heinrich
Lighting technician / electricianLaurent Lemonnier
Lighting technician / electricianArnold Eigner
Lighting technician / electricianRomeo Arndt
Lighting technician / electricianFrancois Garcia
Lighting technician / electricianLisa Faderl
Lighting technician / electricianTobias Gehlfuß
Lighting technician / electricianChristopher Reiners
Lighting technician / electricianOliver Buschner
Lighting technician / electricianMatteo Selis
Lighting technician / electricianThomas Guggenberger
Nachdreh 5 DT
Nachdreh 5 DT
Lighting assistantChristoph Cassel
DE - IT - FR
DE - IT - FR
Hair/makeup designerRosa Singhofen
Makeup artist / hair stylistAdella Selzer
Makeup artist / hair stylistTanja Adams
Makeup artist / hair stylistDaniela Blaschke
Makeup artist / hair stylistReinhard Kirnich
Makeup artist / hair stylistMonique Bredow
Makeup artist / hair stylistAna Muñoz Solís
Makeup artist / hair stylistVanessa Zeller
Makeup artist / hair stylistAnne Wenzel
Makeup artist / hair stylistArielle Troß
Makeup artist / hair stylistHanka Thot
Makeup artist / hair stylistKatrin Richter
Makeup artist / hair stylistSylvia Schwarzer
Makeup artistKarine Avezard
Additional makeup artistIlaria Solari
Additional makeup artistAnthony Pelletti
Additional make up artistMichaela Payer
ComposerStefan Will
Music supervisorLisa-Marie Uttenlach
Music supervisorThomas Binar
ProducerJakob Pochlatko
ProducerMarvin Kren
ProducerQuirin Berg
ProducerMax Wiedemann
Executive producerNoor Sadar
Associate producerUla Okrojek
Development executive (studio/network)Dominik Kempf
Assistant to producerAntoine Virages
Production designerVerena Wagner
Assistant production designerMichael Hochwarter
Art directorSam Hergibo
Art directorElisabeth Marko
Art directorZita Pichler
Art directorStefan Claus Hauck
Assistant art directorEster Seppi
Assistant art directorFatima Merten
Set decoratorNora Cassini
Set decoratorJulia Roeske
Set decoratorAndrea Morini
Assistant set decoratorJulie Sabel (vormals Morlot)
Set decoration buyerGreta Trütken
Set decoration buyerJulien Weizenhöfer
Construction managerMark Stolte
Prop buyerFrank Dockhorn
Prop buyerRalf Lang
Prop masterBa Long Nguyen
Prop masterNils Strnad
Prop masterRiccardo Rossi
Assistant to propmaster /- buyerJens Baudisch
Assistant to propmaster /- buyerPhilomena Köbele
Junior Assistance Props Germany
Junior Assistance Props Germany
Assistant to propmaster /- buyerChristine Jahn
Assistant to propmaster /- buyerHannes Bloch
Assistant to propmaster /- buyerSabine Streckhardt [1]
2nd assistant to prop master
2nd assistant to prop master
Standby propsBurkhard Borke Nutsch
All Episodes- Germany -Italy-Austria -France
All Episodes- Germany -Italy-Austria -France
Set dresserDavid Münch [2]
Set dresserBeatrice Iannello
Set dresserJames Cowley
Set dresserJonas Fehrenbach
Set dresserDiego Briata
Set dresserUlrike Eversmeier
Set dresserChristian Münnich
Pretty Nails und Casino Treifstrasse
Pretty Nails und Casino Treifstrasse
Art department coordinatorLisa Folkens
Assistant stand by propsPhilomena Köbele
all Episodes Germany, Austria, Italy, France
all Episodes Germany, Austria, Italy, France
Assistant stand by propsElena Hahn
Picture car/vehilcle coordinatorJenia Bayat Mokhtari
Picture car/vehilcle coordinatorValentina Maria Schneck
Picture car/vehilcle coordinatorRoman Pusch
Picture car wranglerJohannes Danker
Picture car wranglerAndre Wierschula
Picture car wranglerRalf Rohde
Practical electricianKarsten Tietz
Location scoutMatthias Braun
Location scoutBashaar Wahab
Stand by set builderLars Dicht
All Episodes- Germany -Austria - Italy- France
All Episodes- Germany -Austria - Italy- France
Scenic painterFranz Essler
Scenic painterEva-Maria Müller
Weapon advisorHagen Dürre
Graphic artistAnnie Murr
Property driverRoshan Pandey
Art department traineeJonas Fehrenbach
Line producerWassili Zygouris
All Episodes - Germany - Austria - Italy - France
All Episodes - Germany - Austria - Italy - France
Line producerLaurent Paul
Line producerSimone Gandolfo
italian line producer
italian line producer
Line production coordinatorAnastasia Bublikova
Assistant to line producerFinn-Oliver Walter
Line Producing Coordination Assistant / Dual Student
Line Producing Coordination Assistant / Dual Student
Production managerGuillaume Husson
Production managerMario Guida
Production managerEzio Landini
Production managerHeino Herrenbrück
Production managerStephanie Wagner [1]
Production coordinatorJason Frisch
Production coordinatorBirgit Mayrhofer
Production coordinatorYasmin Meyer
Production coordinatorKarima Eddabyani
Production coordinatorOlivia Manon Cholette Vagner
Italien / Frankreich
Italien / Frankreich
Production coordinatorAnne Olivier
Production coordinatorSimona Pelliccioli
Production coordinatorMona Woskowski
Vertretung (Berlin/Wien)
Vertretung (Berlin/Wien)
Assistant production managerMarie Schüßler
Unit managerDaniel Thomas [1]
Unit managerGiorgio Vigna
Unit e transport manager Italy shooting
Unit e transport manager Italy shooting
Unit manager (local system)Daniela Matschnig
Location managerThomas Schuler
Location managerJonas Schäfer
Location managerSvenja Niekel
May till August
May till August
Covid coordinatorMarius Gausmann
Covid coordinatorMoritz Großerhode
Covid coordinatorNils-Philipp von Westernhagen
Location coordinatorOliver Kujas
April - Juni
April - Juni
Location manager (local system)Oliver Kujas
April - Juni
April - Juni
Unit move coordinatorStefan Weh
Transportation coordinatorMartin Liehr
Set manager/ floor managerAnna Ruzowitzky
Set manager/ floor managerMathias Mayer
Set manager/ floor managerLeonard Hadrich
Production secretaryAnica Cohrs
Production secretaryFranziska Liebelt
Assistant location managerAnouk Bonnet
Assistant location managerSlimane Tandjaoui
Assistant location managerTim Becker
Assistant location managerNans Carisey Castot
Assistant location managerLeonie Zincke
Assistant location managerCarla Brisco
Assistant set/floor managerLena Anderle
Assistant set/floor managerJan-Ole Kuhfuß
Assistant set/floor managerPhilip Zettl
BlockerManfred Nowak
Production driverRamin Hesse
Production driverFirat Aygül
Production driverManfred Nowak
Production driverAschraf Ibrahim
Production driverRoman Pavlenko
Production driverEddie Philippsen
Production driverMarlon Hollmann
Production driverSasha Pawlenko
PA internMorgane Freise
Office production assistantAngelika Mende
Set runnerLuisa Kauer
3 DT Berlin
3 DT Berlin
Set runnerAlberto Giudice
Set runnerJulian Wonn
Set PA
Set PA
Set runnerFlorian Piovano
Set runnerAdrian Hawle
6 SD in Germany
6 SD in Germany
Set RunnerAndrea De Lorenzi
Set runnerChiara Guidi
Set runnerAlessandro Mazzeo
Set runnerDavid Kraus [1]
Base PA
Base PA
ShowrunnerMarvin Kren
CreatorBenjamin Hessler
CreatorMarvin Kren
CreatorGeorg Lippert
Dialog editorDominik Rätz
Dialog editorDaniel Griese
Production sound mixerLudwig Bestehorn
1 day 2nd unit
1 day 2nd unit
Production sound mixerNikolas Mühe
1 day 2nd Unit
1 day 2nd Unit
Production sound mixerDavid Hilgers
Boom operatorNils Gradlowsky
Boom operatorNils Ettwein
Boom operatorGero Renner
Boom operatorFanny Thera Harisch
UST - Shooting Day 24 25 26 (27.07.2022 - 29.07.2022)
UST - Shooting Day 24 25 26 (27.07.2022 - 29.07.2022)
Adr boom operatorPeyman Ghalambor
Second boom operatorMoritz Monorfalvi
Sound re-recording mixerGregor Bonse
Sound re-recording mixerAlexander Wunsch
Assistant to sound re-recording mixerAnton Dillinger
Sound mastering engineerGökalp Ergecen
Rotor Film
Rotor Film
Sound designerTobias Mahlstedt
Sound designerThomas Neumann [1]
Supervising dialog & ADR editorLajos Wienkamp Marques
Supervising sound editorMarkus Stemler
Adr recordistBenjamin Schäfer
Adr recordistMoritz Unger
Adr recordistJan Meyerdierks
Foley recordistErik Zaiser
Dialogue editorTobias Adam
Foley editorKuen-Il Song
Foley editorHelene Seidl
Foley artistOndrej Swaczyna
Special effects supervisorJacopo Galiano
Special effects supervisorBernd Wildau
Special effects coordinatorPaolo Galiano
Special effects technicianJürgen Wustrack
Special effects technicianUwe Lehmann
Special effects technicianPhilipp-Moritz Noll
Special effects technicianUwe Schadow
Special effects technicianRobin Vitek
Special effects technicianThomas Winkel
Special effects technicianMoritz Heuwinkel
ArmorerTorsten Baumann
Stunt coordinatorDavid Genty
Stunt coordinatorSimone Belli
Stunt coordinatorLaurent Mulot
Stunt coordinatorVolkhart Buff
Stunt coordinatorBruno Legris
Assistant stunt coordinatorViola Winghart
Assistant stunt coordinatorFrancesco Policante
Fight choreographerUlrik Bruchholz
Stuntman/womanNiccolò Fava
Stuntman/womanBilly Buff
Fight Core Team + Stunt Player
Fight Core Team + Stunt Player
Stuntman/womanGabriele Ganci
Stuntman/womanAlberto Zucco
Stuntman/womanLucian Roucka
Tony Gangster
Tony Gangster
Stuntman/womanRiccardo Cabalisti
Stuntman/womanDaniel Di Gesù
Stuntman/womanCecilia Diesch
Stuntman/womanDario Stelluti
Stuntman/womanMatteo Cosmi
Stuntman/womanCristian Toscano
Stuntman/womanMatthias Schmidt [5]
Stunt Player
Stunt Player
Stuntman/womanDaniel Tomislav Prpic
Mirko, Gangster
Mirko, Gangster
Stuntman/womanGoran Mitrovski
Stuntman/womanAlessandro Riva
Stunt riggerNiklas Kinzel
Horse masterStefan Knappe
für Buff Conne
für Buff Conne
Head of production (studio/network)Dr. Zahra Rahvar
Head of production (studio/network)Anita Schneider
Animal trainerAstrid Harsch
Caterer (assistance on set)Torsten Bache
Caterer (assistance on set)Victor Brendler
Caterer (assistance on set)Bjarne Meyer
Clearing rightsChristina Syring
Dialect-, language coachRaffi Feghali
Dialect-, language coachAleksandra Bekovac
Hygiene officerPatrick Mariscal
Hygiene officerHannes Plewa
Hygiene officerLucas Layer
Hygiene officerDaniel Petrov
Intimacy coordinatorMadli Moos
Occupational safety specialistAxel Dietrich Berger
Set medicTanja Dombrowski
Marketing, public relationsIsabella Bandner
Marketing, public relationsWiebke Döhla
Marketing, public relationsNatalie Proske
Marketing, public relationsFranziska Dotzauer

Production companies

W&B Television GmbH
357 Films [fr]
service produktion France
service produktion France


Cameras and UtilitiesFilmklappen.de
Heavy Lifter Drone, Germany, Italy RED RAW, DigiTOOLS
Heavy Lifter Drone, Germany, Italy RED RAW, DigiTOOLS
Extras/Bit PlayerIM OFF Berlin, Janna Schultz-Braun
Production ServicesLuca Kino Catering Gastro und Handels GmbH
Production ServicesNaked Lunch Catering
Berlin 2022
Berlin 2022
Production ServicesRotor Film GmbH
CostumesFilmcops e.K.
Uniformen Bundespolizei Österreich & Polizeirequisiten
Uniformen Bundespolizei Österreich & Polizeirequisiten
CostumesTheaterkunst GmbH Kostümausstattung
KB - Silke Faber
KB - Silke Faber
Special EffectsSFX-Manufaktur UG
Special effects
Special effects
Special EffectsSFX-Manufaktur UG
Vehicles and aircraftsHERO CARS BERLIN
Image (VFX)Media Services GmbH - Pharos The Post Group
Sound (Postproduction)The Grand Post GmbH [at]


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First showingGermanyNetflixThursday, 04/04/2024worldwide