Serienpilot | 2019 | Dramedy | Deutschland




Lauflänge25 min


Paolo, an idealistic young painter, leaves Italy to make a name for himself in the vibrant Berlin art scene, but soon finds himself sucked into the mad rush of the city. Everyday, he eagerly searches for a place to live, while also biking frantically through the city to make deliveries for a food takeaway app. Eventually, his perseverance pays off and he finds his first flat share but ends up moving from flat to flat in a series of dramatic and humorous clashes with each new set of flatmates. As the trials he faces behind to take their toll on Paolo, his sense of self starts to fragment and he begins to question whether he can ever achieve his dream of building a life here. (
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Giorgio CantariniPaolo [HR]
Miguel Gobbo DiazGiorgio [HR]
Laura Sophia BeckerChristine [HR]
Julia MüllerKathleen [HR]
Thorsten KavurCream Cake Guy [SG]
Laura Luise SchreiberVeronika [NR]
Rasmus Max Wirth
Markus [NR]
Michael R. ScholzePfand-Man [TR]


Federico Peduzzi Produktion [de]