Para nie do pary | ©TVN/
Serie | Folgen 1-4 | 2016 | TVN [pl] | Comedy | Polen


    A comedy series about the adventures of a couple in their thirties, who decide to live together. He and She have a relationship, they got to know each other by chance and at first glance more than they have in common.
    Majka, a producer of the series on a large TV station, is a structured, somewhat formal, trying to give a rational sense to her decisions and keep control over her life.
    Szymon, a relaxed bartender, not paying attention to material matters. He approaches life with a slight wink of the eye and tries to keep Majka at a distance.

    Series ''Para nie do pary'' is the first 360° video on-line project in Europe and one of the world’s first serial fictional content in 360.
    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
    Paweł MałaszyńskiSzymon [DHR]
    Magdalena RóżczkaMajka [DHR]
    Izabela KunaLongina Chatka, ''Plaża'' [EHR]
    Marcin SitekJarek, ''Zebranie'' [ENR]
    Jan AleksandrowiczElvis, ''Bar'' [ENR]
    Katarzyna BujakiewiczMariolka; ''Bar'', ''Zebranie'' [ENR]
    Weronika HamadykAgatka, ''Ślub byłych'' [ENR]
    Kamil KulaKarol, ''Ślub byłych'' [ENR]
    Wojciech MecwaldowskiBoss, ''Zebranie'' [ENR]
    Małgorzata SochaKaśka, ''Bar'' [ENR]