Looking for Teddy

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    Kinospielfilm | 2017-2018 | Komödie | Frankreich



    Sofiane is young, newly single, and almost carefree - he’s just a little short on cash. When he spots a reward advertised for the recovery of a lost teddy at the airport where he works, he doesn’t hesitate to claim it – after all, how difficult can it be to track the teddy down?! Teaming up with the square father of the teddy’s little owner, a hilarious hunt ensues, filled with non-stop twists and turns. But in all this child’s play, Sofiane has some adult lessons to learn...
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    Kad MeradMichel [HR]
    Malik BentalhaSofiane [HR]
    Romain LancryAlex [NR]
    David SallesThierry [NR]
    Guy MarchandLe Beau Francis [NR]
    Isabelle SadoyanMarie-Luce Gramont [NR]
    Lou ChauvainLéa [NR]
    Enya BarouxMarie-Christine Gramont [NR]
    Gabriel WasherMaxence [NR]
    Alain RimouxLe Châtelain [NR]
    Mahdi AlaouiFékir [NR]
    Elie SemounGouthard [NR]

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    Pathé [fr]


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    WiederholungFrankreichCiné+ [fr]Freitag, 04.09.2020 um 20:50 Uhr
    KinostartFrankreichMittwoch, 20.06.2018