Eco Crimes

  • Eco-Crimes - Crimes Contre la Nature. The New Mafia Bonanza (Arbeitstitel)
Dokumehrteiler | 2007 | ARD [de], arte, WDR [de] | Deutschland


DrehorteChina etc.


Lauflänge3x52 min
SeitenverhältnisTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
TonformatDolby surround (4 channels)


    Meticulously researched, painstakingly filmed, excitingly told.
    This three-part film series will document for the first time the methods used by a largely unknown, internationally operating network of smugglers, poachers and unscrupulous dealers to strip Nature of her treasures and destroy the basis of life on our planet.
    The films will also show how a small number of committed people have taken on the eco-mafia: dedicated police and customs officers, forensic experts using sophisticated high-tech equipment, determined public prosecutors and undercover detectives working for environmental organizations.
    With their help, each documentary traces an authentic example of “eco-crime” that affects us all: illegal fishing in the oceans of the world, smuggling ozone killers, trading in threatened species.

    Three documentaries that grab the viewer like a thriller! "Eco-crimes": international outrages that know no national frontiers.

    Each episode starts with a true incident, a “genuine” crime, already punished by law or known to the prosecuting authorities and other insiders. But these cases will be completely new to the general public.

    Each documentary examines a case that is solved during the course of the film.

    Themes of the three episodes:
    - The Volga Case: The Hunt for White Gold
    - The G. Case: The Hunt for the Ozone Killers
    - The Himalayan Connection: The End of the King of the Cats


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