Kinospielfilm | 2007 | Animation | Deutschland




    Fridolin, the Little Chess King has a dream: he wants to be a real King. Then he could jump all over the chessboard wherever he wants. Then his people would love him and he could win every single game. But the reality is different: Fridolin is just a Little Chess King who's only allowed to to take a single step on the big chessboard. One night he goes off on an adventure to find out what really makes a king a King.

    On his journey he meets REGOR, an old rat. He is the head of an evil rat gang, who wants to be king instead of just “the Boss”. Fridolin manages a clever escape, but Regor wants revenge.

    Fridolin arrives at a garbage dump. Here he meets Rosalie, the princess of the “kingdom of the thrown away”, a place where every toy that has been hucked in the bin finds a new home. A love story starts, but Fridolin has to find out what makes a king a king...
    DrehbuchautorAndreas Dirr
    ProduktionspraktikantFlorian RustVorproduktion
    RegisseurFrank Becher


    Cinemaniax! Filmproduktion [de]Animationsfilm!