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Juri Wiesner
Neuer Pferdemarkt 120359  HamburgDeutschland
Telefon+49 40 3116990

    Über Cobblestone Filmproduktion


    We are an advertising film production company founded in 1992 by Pieter Lony. In 2011, Philipp Schmalriede and Juri Wiesner joined the management board and took over sole management in 2020. We are proud to rank regularly among the top 10 of Germany’s most creative production companies.

    The two offices in Hamburg and Berlin produce about 50-60 spots a year, not only TV commercials but also exhibition and corporate films, short- and feature-length films, as well as online content of any kind.

    For us, creativity comes first and is always a collective effort. That’s why we work with an award-winning roster of directors and a handpicked selection of crew members. It’s about tailoring our collective creativity and technical know-how to the needs of our clients and so it’s rewarding that Cobblestone has been ranked under the top 10 of Germany’s most creative production companies over several years.

    Our reel includes beautiful cinematic films, documentary-style spots that capture real-life emotion, great comedy, and storytelling.

    We have a reputation for nurturing directors, whether it’s those we’ve worked closely with for a long time or new ones just starting out.

    Additional to our investment in new talent, we have also made sure to expand our post-production capabilities. Four Avid-, three Nuke-, three Premiere / After Effects workstations and a Flame form the framework of our in-house postproduction. The possibility of accompanying a project from pre- to post-production not only ensures full control but also keeps expenses within the limits.

    In early 2020, we opened our creative content studio GRAVEL. Together with Creative Producer & Director Aviv Kosloff, we're uniting three decades of film production experience with the most innovative approaches to digital-at-the-core storytelling.

    Besides our offices in Hamburg and Berlin, we operate across a global network with our long-lasting exclusive partners Social Club in Stockholm, Station Film based in New York & LA, and Pulse Films in the UK, which works fast and efficiently at responding to international production demands.

    Filme als Vertrieb

    2011Volkswagen Match - Harte Männer mit weichem KernWerbefilmJustin Reardon



    Unmittelbarer ArbeitsortHauptsitz: Hamburg
    Niederlassungen: Berlin