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"I Miss You" - Johannes Ebert’s short centers on a poor guy stood up at the airport by his girlfriend, who, then, embarks alone on their vacation, where he spots plenty of couples enjoying themselves. Unlike most of the rest, this film manages to strike a chord because, honestly, who can’t relate to that awful feeling of having to watch other people be happy while you’re feeling like shit? The bittersweet soundtrack by Barbara Morgenstem aids Ebert in making palpable his film’s sense of loneliness.

Offbeat: 89mm_Minimum.Movies (2004)

"This collection of short films from the Berlin-based company 89mm Minimum.Movies combines a mixture of music video, short film and animation. Jump from Johannes Ebert's "I Miss You 03" -- a patchwork of vacation photos set against music from German pop star Barbara Morgenstern -- to a numerical animation short called "Blick (Diaphan)" from Jörg Ritter.

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89mm Minimum.Movies (formerly Sfilm)