TV-Film | 2007 | Action | Thailand


    It was an ordinary night on Phi Phi Island where the usual nightlife was loud and lively overflowing with foreigners at every street bar lined up on the island. KEM and a group of friends innocently fell victim to a group of doped-up foreign kickboxing fighters looking for trouble where ultimately, KEM’s father was killed on the scene. Now an orphan, KEM moved to live in a nearby temple where the head monk became his guardian. Often blaming himself for his father’s death, KEM would secretly learn Thai boxing at a local MUAY THAI bar belonging to his friend’s father, UNCLE PRAOW.
    Time passes on and KEM grows up in the Muay Thai fighting scene. Without his monk guardian’s acknowledgement, KEM learns to make a living off of rigged fighting matches where he fakes a defeat to his foreign Muay Thai opponents in exchange for their tips.
    RegieRegisseurPiti Chaturaphat
    Ton-PostproduktionSprachsynchron Editorin Felicitas HeckAtelier


    MonoFilm Company Limited [th]


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