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Euro Club

  • Eurokings (Arbeitstitel)
Spielfilm | 2015-2016 | Komödie | USA



DrehorteLos Angeles, Salzburg


Nick, Carlos, and Terrel are 3 young professionals in Los Angeles that are tired of being the 'losers' in the Hollywood party scene. With their average look and limited funds, they don't exactly 'do well' with the ladies. That's when a mysterious package from Nick's uncle shows up at his front door. 'Uncle Nicky' needs his package immediately and offers the misfits a trip to Austria to return it. Uncle Nicky will also grant the boys VIP access to his HOLY GRAIL PARTY in Salzburg, The most exclusive annual club event. Getting to the party is easier said than done. Along the way the boys are robbed, solicited for sex, kidnapped, chased by the mob and having the European adventure of a lifetime.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Terrell BattleTerrell [HR]
Jonny LessaniCarlos [HR]
Jake LewisNick [HR]
 Eric RobertsUncle Nicky [HR]
Iman AmitySandro [NR]
 Tom BarcalB.V. [NR]
Leila CiancagliniLeila [NR]
Bobby EmprechtingerMr. Chase [NR]
Gilbert Frhr. v. SohlernJohn [NR]
Rainer MeifertBouncer [NR]


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