Dokumentarfilm | 2011-2014 | Deutschland, Großbritannien


Lauflänge49 Min.


Bhutanese refugee living over 25 years in a refugee camp and getting now resettelt

Being forcibly evicted from Bhutan in the early 90s around 100,000 Bhutanese citizens have been forced to live a deplorable life in five camps in eastern Nepal. Now thousands of refugees are resettling around the world but many see repatriation back to Bhutan as the only feasible option. Some were even imprisoned and tortured within Bhutan before eventually making it to the camps. The documentary also explores the present day living conditions and atmosphere within Bel City, the slang name for the three camps of Beldangi the largest of the six refugee camps.
KameraKameramann/DoP Felix Jäkel
RegieRegisseurJustin Ash
SchnittEditor Felix Jäkel