Kinospielfilm | 2001 | Arthouse, Drama | Deutschland, USA



DrehorteL.A. Kalifornien




Los Angeles, autumn 2001. The attack on America happened two weeks ago. The German composer Valentin Reiner receives a letter from his ex-wife Anna, who now lives in Los Angeles with their 18-year-old son Stefan. In her letter, Anna asks Valentin to come and help her with their son. Stefan is engaged to Leila, a young Muslim woman from Palestine, who is three months pregnant with his baby. They live with Anna and Judge Boccia, who hates black Muslims. Stefan and Leila hate Jews. Together with his buddy Riff Mason, Stefan terrorizes the Jewish community with home invasions, where they paint swastikas on the houses and leave fake anthrax letters.

When Valentin arrives is Los Angeles, he "befriends" himself with Stefan's gruop and becomes of member of Hate Anonymous, a group of people hosted by Stefan's neighbors. He realizes everyone hates someone or something and he decides to shake things up. He tells them that his grandmother was Jewish and that Judge Boccia had black ancestors.

It's the beginning of an emotional war; a war that is about to question the spirit, renew the soul and sacrifice the body; a war between the power of truth and the might of illusion. And everyone is confronted with two questions: Who do you love and who do you hate?

(Quelle: German Films)
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
 Rene HegerStefan [HR]
Rudolf Waldemar BremN.N. [HR]
Ulli LommelValentin Reiner [HR]
Katrin SchaakeAnna [HR]
 Basma SaoudiBlumenverkäuferin [NR]
DrehbuchDrehbuchautorUlli Lommel
KameraKameramann/DoPJuerg Victor Walther
MusikKomponistSvend Lerche
MusikKomponistJohannes Stole
ProducerProduzentHansjürgen ´Jason´ Pohland
Production Design / SzenenbildSzenenbildnerMim S. Lee
RegieRegisseurUlli Lommel
SchnittEditorinChrista Pohland
SchnittEditorJohn Burridge

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