Kinospielfilm | 2003 | Südafrika


RegieLance Samuels
DrehbuchMarc Wells


    THE SUNFLOWER tells the story of George Drimmy, a writer who seeks refuge in a quiet corner of a city diner and retreats into a world of fantasy interrupted only by the sporadic reflections of light from a compact mirror being used in the street outside. In haste the compact is dropped and George, acting on impulses not his own, finds himself holding the conduit through which the sun would be taken from the world and hung around the neck of a Sangoma charged with witnessing A Single Act of Great Good that would save the world. His search would take him to the other end of the earth and into the life of a heartless thug called Makabos and the gentle village folk whom Makabos terrorises. On meeting the Sangoma, Makabos is forced into a journey to find the gift that would bring back the sun. Their travels take them from one end of the world to the other where they finally face the evil Tagathi who rule the darkness and will do anything to stop the return of the sun.
    DrehbuchDrehbuchautorMarc Wells
    Production Design / SzenenbildRequisitenhilfeKatja Möbitz
    RegieRegisseurLance Samuels


    DuMarc Film and Sound