Dokuserie | Pilot | Folgen 1-78 | 2009 | Gesellschaft, Reise | Australien, Deutschland, Südafrika, USA


Lauflänge Episode25
Teile von/bis1-78
SeitenverhältnisTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
BildnegativmaterialXDCam HD


    The Blue Print is a travel reality show hosted by Stephen Friedman as he goes on an adventure that starts in South Africa and then heads into Africa. It’s about capturing the moments that make life the biggest adventure of all. Nothing will escape Stephen as he experiences sunrises and sunsets, new music, totally different food and meets new people who become friends. There is nothing quite like sitting in a local pub and hearing new people’s stories and life experiences or being alone on a deserted beach, with nothing but waves and nature to keep you company. How about the feeling of getting lost in a big city and finding an amazing coffee shop and making friends as you order your favourite cuppa or having a local beer with a local in a small town and going home to have dinner with his family. There’s the exhilaration of playing a new sport for a first time with a group of small-town children or getting over your worst fears and learning a little more about yourself....welcome to life, welcome to the beautiful continent of Africa and welcome to The Blue Print.
    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
    Stephen FriedmanHauptrolle [NR]
    KameraEB KameramannHelmut Scherz
    ProducerKoproduzentHelmut Scherz
    RegieRegisseurStephen Friedman
    SchnittEditorJohnny Swanepoel
    TonFilmtonmeisterHelmut Scherz


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