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    Movies saved at Crew United

    20232:1 (aka Zwei zu Eins) (WT)Feature Film
    2022WolfswinkelTV Movie, WDR [de]
    2022SuddenlyFeature Film
    2021Das Gras ist rotTeaser (Film Concept)
    2020Raspberries with MustardFeature Film
    2019Human FactorsFeature Film
    2018Adventures of a MathematicianFeature Film
    Independent Feature Filmcoproduction
    2017Melodie Raum 222Documentary, ZDF [de]
    2016The EremitesFeature Film
    2015Conny Plank - The Potential of Noise
    in Koproduktion
    Documentary Featurein Koproduktion
    2015The Golan SwimminpoolDocumentary Feature
    2015Sex & Crime
    Feature FilmKoproduzent
    2013ElixirIndependent Feature Film
    Service Produktion 2 DT Deutschland
    Feature FilmService Produktion 2 DT Deutschland
    2012Deckname PiratDocumentary
    2012War of LiesDocumentary
    2012The SaviourMedium Length Film
    2012One - One Call (3 Spots)Commercial
    2011The Land of the FreeIndependent Feature Film