Projects as production

    2022Vikinger (WT)Feature FilmDaniel Hoesl
    2022Distanzen (WT)Feature FilmUlrich Seidl
    2021Des Teufels Bad (WT)
    Feature FilmMultipleKoproduktion
    2020Sonne (WT)Feature FilmKurdwin Ayub
    2019LuziferFeature FilmPeter Brunner
    2018Die Kinder der TotenFeature FilmMultiple
    2017Die Trud (The Field Guide to Evil)Short FilmMultiple
    2017Böse Spiele (WT)Feature FilmUlrich Seidl
    2016To the Night
    Docu-FictionPeter Brunnerco-production
    2015LillianDocumentary FeatureAndreas Horvath
    2015Cry Baby, Cry
    Documentary FeatureAntonin SvobodaKoproduktion
    2015SafariDocumentary FeatureUlrich Seidl
    2014UglyFeature FilmJuri Rechinsky
    2013Casanova Variations
    Koproduktion Österreich
    Feature FilmMichael SturmingerKoproduktion Österreich
    2013Goodnight MommyFeature FilmVeronika Franz
    2010Paradies - HoffnungFeature FilmUlrich Seidl
    2009Paradise - LoveFeature FilmUlrich Seidl
    2009Paradies - GlaubeFeature FilmUlrich Seidl
    2008art.genossen - Kicking CooksDocumentary (Series), ORF [at]Werner Boote
    2005Import ExportFeature FilmUlrich Seidl

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2003
    Immediate working areaHead office: Vienna