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©Tarantula/Mact Productions

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    Feature Film | 2006 | Belgium, France, Luxembourg

    Brief synopsis

    A woman lives alone with her twins in an old, renovated farm in Belgium. Although they were divorced long ago, she and her husband continue tearing each other apart in front of their children, two young adults incapable of looking after themselves. Helpless and in a bid for survival, the mother leaves the house. In her absence, a fratricidal war breaks out…


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Isabelle HuppertPascale [L]
    Jérémie RenierThierry [L]
    Yannick RenierFrançois [L]
    Kris CuppensJan [SR]
    Patrick DescampsLuc [SR]
    Raphaëlle LubansuAnne [SR]
    Catherine SaléeL'amie de Jan [SR]


    Director of photographyHichame Alaouié
    DirectorJoachim Lafosse
    EditorSophie Vercruysse
    Production designerRégine Constant
    Production designerAnna Falguères
    ScreenwriterFrançois Pirot
    ScreenwriterJoachim Lafosse
    Production sound mixerBenoit De Clerck

    Production companies

    Mact Productions [fr]
    Tarantula Luxembourg

    Distributing companies

    Cinéart [be]Belgium (theatrical)
    Haut et Court [fr]France (theatrical)
    Peripher Filmverleih [de]Germany (theatrical)
    Playtime (formerly Films distribution) [fr]International Sales
    Stadtkino Filmverleih [at]Austria (theatrical)


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 21/02/2007