Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Joan Verra (WT)Feature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2021Les Amours d’Anaïs (WT)Feature Film
    2020Normale (WT)Feature Film
    2020You Will Not Have My Hate (WT)Feature Film
    2020Être en mouvement (WT)Feature Film
    2020Copilot (aka Loved, The Wife of the Pilot) (WT)Feature Film
    2020Memory BoxFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2019Only the AnimalsFeature Film
    2019Memory BoxFeature Film
    2019GagarineFeature Film
    2019Only the AnimalsFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2019The CountyFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018Copilot (aka Loved, The Wife of the Pilot) (WT)Feature Filmco-production
    2018A Bigger WorldFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018A Bigger WorldFeature Film
    2018The CountyFeature Filmco-production
    2018School's OutFeature Film
    2018Tel Aviv on FireFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2018VisionFeature FilmDistribution France
    2017Nos bataillesFeature FilmDistribution France