Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2022Sidonie au Japon / Sidonie in Japan (aka Soleil Levant) (WT)
    Sidonie Perceval [L]
    Feature FilmSidonie Perceval [L]
    2022La Syndicaliste / The Sitting Duck (aka The Union Lady) (WT)
    Maureen Kearney [L]
    Feature FilmMaureen Kearney [L]
    The Countess [GS]
    Feature FilmThe Countess [GS]
    2020About Joan
    Joan [L]
    Feature FilmJoan [L]
    2020Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris
    Claudine Colbert [L]
    Feature FilmClaudine Colbert [L]
    2020Mama Weed
    Patience Portefeux [L]
    Feature FilmPatience Portefeux [L]
    2018Call My Agent!
    Isabelle Huppert - Episode 4 [GS]
    TV Series, France 2 [fr]Isabelle Huppert - Episode 4 [GS]
    2018White As Snow
    Maud [L]
    Feature FilmMaud [L]
    2017Golden Youth
    Lucile [L]
    Feature FilmLucile [L]
    Eva [L]
    Feature FilmEva [L]
    2017Mrs. Hyde
    Madame Géquil / Madame Hyde [L]
    Feature FilmMadame Géquil / Madame Hyde [L]
    Greta Hideg [L]
    Feature FilmGreta Hideg [L]
    2016Happy End
    Anne Laurent [L]
    Feature FilmAnne Laurent [L]
    2016Reinventing Marvin
    Herself [GS]
    Feature FilmHerself [GS]
    Isabelle Huppert [L]
    Feature FilmIsabelle Huppert [L]
    2015Things to Come
    Nathalie [L]
    Feature FilmNathalie [L]
    Michelle [L]
    Feature FilmMichelle [L]
    2015Macadam Stories
    Jeanne [L]
    Feature FilmJeanne [L]
    2015Tout de suite maintenant
    Solveig [L]
    Feature FilmSolveig [L]
    2013Paris Follies
    Brigitte [L]
    Feature FilmBrigitte [L]