Feature Film | 2004-2005 | Drama, Film based on literary source, Period | Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom

Brief synopsis

In an English Victorian orphanage, Oliver Twist just manages to survive, along with his companions of misfortune. Undernourished, exploited, he’s sent to work in a funeral parlor where, yet again, he’s abused and mistreated. Oliver puts up with it all, but one day he’s pushed too far and flees to London.
Exhausted and starving, he’s picked up by a gang of young thieves who work for old Fagin. With Dodger, Bill, Nancy and the others, Oliver discovers a cruel world where only cunning and strong-arm tactics count.
Arrested for an attempted robbery that he didn’t commit, Oliver doesn’t betray his gang. His behavior is viewed favorably by his intended victim, Mr. Browlow, who becomes his benefactor. But Fagin and Bill soon exercise their power over Oliver and force him to participate in a break-in at Brownlow’s home. Oliver gets caught up in a series of tragic events that reveal the true nature of the people around him and force him to choose what path his life will take.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Barney ClarkOliver Twist [L]
Ben KingsleyFagin [L]
Jamie ForemanBill Sikes [L]
Harry EdenArtful Dodger [L]
Leanne RoweNancy [L]
Edward HardwickeMr. Brownlow [L]
Ian McNeiceMr. Limbkins [L]
Mark StrongToby Crackit [L]


1st ADRalph Remstedt
Vfx producerManfred Büttner
Vfx supervisorFlorian Gellinger
3d artistPhillipp Sauermann
3d artistMarco Wilz
3d character animatorCarsten Woithe
Digital film compositorJan Stoltz
Digital film compositorEric Westphal
Motion FX London
Motion FX London
Digital film compositorErich Eder
Digital film compositorJan Maroske
Digital film compositorSebastian von Overheidt
Digital film compositorChristian Schrills
Digital film compositorMirko Echghi-Ghamsari
Digital film compositorHeribert Raab
Digital film compositorBenjamin Seide
Digital film compositorNorbert Ruf
Digital film compositorEva Matthes
Digital film compositorHeiko Schweizer
Digital film compositorEnrico Perei
Digital film compositorChristian Pundschus
Digital film compositorMichael Ralla
MotionFX London
MotionFX London
Digital film compositorMarkus Degen
Digital film compositorDirk Matzkuhn
Rotoscoping artistMareike Hilgenfeldt
Director of photographyPaweł Edelman
Steadicam operatorMarcus Pohlus
+ b-cam operator + 2.unit dop
+ b-cam operator + 2.unit dop
Casting directorCelestia Fox
Costume designerAnna Sheppard
DirectorRoman Polanski
EditorHervé de Luze
Assistant editorAndrea Pugner
GafferRonald Schwarz
Additional electricianMark Müller
ComposerRachel Portman
ProducerAlain Sarde
ProducerRoman Polanski
ProducerRobert Benmussa
Production designerAllan Starski
Assistant art directorTamara Marini
Line producerMichael Schwarz
ScreenwriterRonald Harwood
Literary sourceCharles Dickens


Lighting and UtilitiesBalloonlight Carsten Thoms
Image (Animation)Black Sail Pictures GmbH
Image (VFX)tvt. film+vfx GmbH [de]
tvt. Postproduction
tvt. Postproduction


Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 19/10/2005