Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Stuck TogetherTV Movie, Netflixeditor
    2019Our Lady of the NileFeature Filmeditor
    2019An Officer and a SpyFeature Filmeditor
    2018A Day Like a WeekFeature Filmeditor
    2018YaoFeature Filmeditor
    2014The Brand New TestamentFeature Filmeditor
    2014Santa Claus!Feature Filmeditor
    2013French WomenFeature Filmeditor
    2013Venus in FurFeature Filmeditor
    2013Life Of RileyFeature Filmeditor
    2012Blood TiesFeature Filmeditor
    2011The Patience StoneFeature Filmeditor
    2011CarnageFeature Filmeditor
    2010You ain't seen nothin' yet!Feature Filmeditor
    2009Wild GrassFeature Filmeditor
    2006Tell No OneFeature Filmeditor
    2005The Perfume of the Lady in BlackFeature Filmeditor
    2005CœursFeature Filmeditor
    2004Welcome in SwitzerlandFeature Filmeditor
    2004Oliver TwistFeature Filmeditor