Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2020Locked DownTV Movie, HBO Max [us]n.a. [SR]
    2018Spider in the Web
    Achim Buch
    Feature FilmAdereth [L]Achim Buch
    2017Intrigo - Death of an AuthorFeature FilmHenderson [L]
    2017The Red Sea Diving ResortTV Movie, NetflixEthan Levin [SR]
    2017Operation FinaleFeature FilmAdolf Eichmann [L]
    2016The Ottoman LieutenantFeature FilmWoodruff [L]
    2015Self/lessFeature FilmDamian [L]
    2015The WalkFeature FilmPapa Rudy [L]
    2014CollideFeature FilmGeran [L]
    2014LifeFeature FilmJack Warner [SR]
    2014Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse (DVD)
    Ben Kingsley
    Indie Feature FilmDrago the Dragon (english voice) [L]Ben Kingsley
    2014Robot OverlordsFeature FilmRobin Smythe [L]
    2014Exodus: Gods and Kings
    Peter Matic
    Feature FilmNun [SR]Peter Matic
    2014Night at the Museum - Secret of the TombFeature FilmAhkmenrahs Vater [L]
    2012The Physician
    Peter Matic
    Feature FilmIbn Sina [L]Peter Matic
    2012Iron Man 3Feature FilmThe Mandarin [L]
    Peter Matic
    Feature FilmGeorges Méliès [L]Peter Matic
    2008Shutter IslandFeature FilmDr. John Cawley [SR]
    200850 Dead Men WalkingFeature FilmFergus [L]
    2008Prince of Persia - The Sands of TimeFeature FilmNizam [L]