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    Movies saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2019The Alienist
    John Moore [SS]
    TV Series, TNT [us]John Moore [SS]
    Dr. Bill Simmons [L]
    Feature FilmDr. Bill Simmons [L]
    Commander Wade McClusky [L]
    Feature FilmCommander Wade McClusky [L]
    2018Murder Mystery
    Charles Cavendish [SR]
    TV Movie, NetflixCharles Cavendish [SR]
    Alex Tchenkov [L]
    Feature FilmAlex Tchenkov [L]
    2017The Alienist
    John Moore [SS]
    TV Series, TNT [us]John Moore [SS]
    2015Beauty and the Beast
    Gaston (Gesang) [L]
    Stefan Thomas
    Feature FilmGaston (Gesang) [L]Stefan Thomas
    2015Beauty and the Beast
    Gaston [L]
    Jaron Löwenberg
    Feature FilmGaston [L]Jaron Löwenberg
    Richard Wilder [L]
    Feature FilmRichard Wilder [L]
    2013Dracula Untold
    Count Dracula [L]
    Feature FilmCount Dracula [L]
    2012One One Lives
    Driver [L]
    Feature FilmDriver [L]
    2011The Raven
    Detective Emmett Fields [L]
    Feature FilmDetective Emmett Fields [L]
    2010The Three Musketeers (3D)
    Aramis [SR]
    Jacques Breuer
    Feature FilmAramis [SR]Jacques Breuer
    2010Tamara Drewe
    Andy Cobb [L]
    Torben Liebrecht
    Feature FilmAndy Cobb [L]Torben Liebrecht
    DI Craig Stokes [L]
    Feature FilmDI Craig Stokes [L]