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    Feature Film | 2010 | Thriller | Great Britain

    Main data

    DirectorElliott Lester
    Written byNathan Parker, Ken Bruen (literary source)
    ProductionBlitz Films [uk]

    Project data

    Length of movie95 min.

      Brief synopsis

      Based on the novel by Cult Irish Crime Novelist Ken Bruen (London Boulevard, The Guards), Blitz is an edgy, contemporary Police Thriller set in London. Jason Statham plays Detective Sergeant Brant, an old-style Copper, who is in trouble with the press when he beats up three hoodies who attack him with Carpet Knives when he tries to stop them breaking into his car. Brant is sent to a Police Psychiatrist but after helping his Boss, DI Roberts (Mark Rylance) cremate his wife, he immediately has to find a crazed serial killer calling himself the Blitz, who is bumping off Police officers. Helped by his new partner, gay Sergeant Porter Nash (Paddy Considine), they track down weird Barry Weiss (Aidan Gillen). Weiss is clearly the killer but they don't have enough evidence and have to let him go. Brant then takes the law into his own hands and, aided by Nash, lures Weiss to his death, which they make look like another Blitz murder.


      ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
      Jason StathamDetective Sergeant Tom Brant [L]
      Luke EvansDI Craig Stokes [L]
      Aidan GillenBarry Weiss / The Blitz [L]
      CarolIlena Gwisdalla


      Director of photographyRob Hardy
      Casting directorElaine Grainger
      DirectorElliott Lester
      EditorJohn Gilbert
      ScreenwriterNathan Parker
      Literary sourceKen Bruen

      Production companies

      Blitz Films [uk]