Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Vier Tage Ankommen (WT)Short Film
    2020Gute GründeShort Film
    2020Kuoko - Floating (WT)Music Video
    2019Sesambällchen (WT)Short Film
    2019For Reasons UnknownShort Film
    2019Silence SongShort Film
    2019The Wind That Eats PeopleShort Film
    2019Between Our BodiesShort Film
    2018Amputierte ArschbackenEducation/Training Production
    2018WaveMedium Length Film
    2018PelvicachromisShort Film
    2018Denken durch SprechenEducation/Training Production
    2018Lovespells - Another WorldMusic Video
    2018Lovespells - Dark RiderMusic Video
    2018Der AufstiegShort Film
    2018For the Time BeingIndie Feature Film
    2018Annas TraumShort Film
    2018Weg (WT)Medium Length Film
    2017Schwäne (WT)Short Film
    2017Über Nacht (WT)Medium Length Film