Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2016Dix pour centTV Series, France 2 [fr]Guy Marchand - Episode 5 [GS]Erich Ludwig
    2015Maria WernTV Series, TV4 [se]Hartman [SS]Erich Ludwig
    2012Before MidnightFeature FilmPatrick [SR]Erich Ludwig
    2011Beasts of the Southern WildFeature FilmWalrus [SR]Erich Ludwig
    2010This Must Be The PlaceFeature FilmMordecai Midler [L]Erich Ludwig
    2008Place of ExecutionTV MovieOld George [L]Erich Ludwig
    2006Kindness of StrangersTV MoviePsychiater [SR]Erich Ludwig
    2005Je ne suis pas là pour être aiméFeature FilmJean Claude [L]Erich Ludwig
    2004Un long dimanche de fiançaillesFeature FilmSylvain [L]Erich Ludwig
    1981The Legend of Walks Far WomanTV MovieMany Scalps [SR]Erich Ludwig