© Bethsabée Mucho / Pathé
© Bethsabée Mucho / Pathé
Feature Film | 2016 | Biopic, Music | France

Shooting data

LocationsItaly, France, Morocco

Project data

Length of movie124 Min.

    Brief synopsis

    From her birth in Cairo in 1933 to her debut perfomance at the Olympia in 1956, from her marriage with Lucien Morisse, the boss of the emerging Europe no 1 radio station, to disco nights, from her journeys of discovery in India to the worldwide hit of "Gigi l'Amoroso" in 1974, Dalida is the intimate portrait of an absolute, complex, and sunny woman... A modern woman at a time that was less so... Despite her tragic death in 1987, Dalida continues to shine with her eternal presence.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Sveva AlvitiDalida [L]
    Riccardo ScamarcioOrlando [L]
    Jean-Paul RouveLucien Morisse [L]
    Nicolas DuvauchelleRichard Chanfray [L]
    Vincente PerezEddie Barclay [GS]
    Patrick TimsitBruno Coquatrix [GS]
    Alessandro BorghiLuigi Tenco [SR]
    Valentina CarliRosy [SR]
    Brenno PlacidoLucio [SR]
    Niels SchneiderJean Sobieski [SR]
    Vittorio Hamarz VasfiPietro [SR]
    Davide LorinoOrlando (old) [SR]
    Haydee BorelliGiuseppina Gigliotti [SR]


    1st ADJoseph Rapp
    Director of photographyAntoine Sanier
    Costume designer (creator)Emmanuelle Youchnowski
    DirectorLisa Azuelos
    Script supervisorIsabelle Querrioux
    EditorThomas Fernandez
    ComposerJeanne Trellu
    ComposerJaco Zijlstra
    ProducerLisa Azuelos
    ProducerJulien Madon
    Co-producerJérôme Seydoux
    Production designerÉmile Ghigo
    Location scoutFabienne Guicheneuy
    Line producerPhilippe Guez
    Unit managerFrançois-Xavier Bazin
    Production assistantStéphanie Jossec
    ScreenwriterLisa Azuelos

    Production companies

    Bethsabée Mucho [fr]
    Pathé [fr]co-production
    TF1 Films Production [fr]co-production
    Umedia [be]co-production
    Universal Music Publishing [fr]co-production

    Distributing companies

    Pathé [fr]


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFranceTF1 [fr]Sunday, 02/08/2020, 9.05 PMFree-TV Premiere


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 10/08/2017
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 11/01/2017